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Thread: Supreme Court Allows Blind People To Sue Retailers If Their Websites Are Not Accessible

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    Supreme Court Allows Blind People To Sue Retailers If Their Websites Are Not Accessible

    The Supreme Court on Monday cleared the way Monday for blind people to sue retailers if their websites are not accessible to these people. "In a potentially far-reaching move, the justices turned down an appeal from Domino's and let stand a 9th Circuit Court of Appeals ruling holding that the Americans With Disabilities Act protects access not just to restaurants and stores, but also to the websites and apps of those businesses," reports Los Angeles Times. From the report:

    Guillermo Robles, who is blind, filed suit in Los Angeles three years ago and complained he had been unable to order a pizza online because the Domino's website lacked the software that would allow him to communicate. He cited the ADA, which guarantees to persons with a disability "full and equal enjoyment the goods and services ... of any place of public accommodations." Lawyers for Domino's agreed this provision applied to its pizza stores, but not its website.

    Last year, however, the 9th Circuit ruled for Robles and said the law applied to its online services as well as the store. "The ADA mandates that places of public accommodation, like Domino's, provide auxiliary aids and services to make visual materials available to individuals who are blind," the appeals court said in January. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce and business groups who said they represented 500,000 restaurants and 300,000 businesses joined in an appeal urging the high court to review the 9th Circuit's decision. They said they feared a "tsunami of litigation," and worried that judges nationwide would see the appeals court's decision as "imposing a nationwide website-accessibility mandate." But without comment or dissent on Monday, the high court said it would not hear the case of Domino's Pizza vs. Robles.
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    If a business wants to provide such sevice, they can, and they might get a competitive advantage. Does a business have to have a website? What else would the do-gooders and government like to force businesses to do? Free balloons for all children? Pony rides? That would be nice. All businesses should provide delivery service too. How would people who don't have their own cars get food or other products? That should be part of the green New Deal.
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    Couldn't he just call in his order?

    What's next? When I go to a movie theater all movies should have subtitles?
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    This seems to be a way to shut down small time operators and give advantage to large scale retailers. They are the ones that will be able to afford the technology.

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    Is there even such a thing as a braille website?

    What kind of computer would one buy to access it?

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    Oh, yeah. It's not going to be inexpensive for mom & pop shops.

    In February of 2019, I published The ADA Book which gives you a step-by-step blueprint of how to give your website a cloak of accessibility while you undergo the remediation process.
    This cloak gives you the best chance of keeping those ravenous plaintiff’s law firms from choosing you as their next not-so-friendly letter recipient.
    Settlements on ADA website compliance typically range from $5,000 to $50,000.
    Remember, the best course of action is to attack website accessibility NOW. Do not wait on this or it could cost you.
    And here’s the kicker: if you do get hit with a demand letter and end up settling, you still have to make your website accessible.
    Want another kicker? Just because you’re sued once doesn’t mean you can’t get sued again by someone else (side note: there is a strategic tactic that can usually prevent this).
    How about a third kicker on your fantasy football team? Here it is: the Americans with Disabilities Act is a strict liability law which means THERE ARE NO EXCUSES to non-compliance!
    Working diligently on your accessibility but still missing a few things? Too bad, you lose. Pay up.
    Hired a reputable web development agency last week? Too bad, you lose. Pay up.
    Just heard website accessibility was a thing yesterday? Too bad, you lose. Pay up.
    Strict liability means the only saving grace is compliance which means your website is currently a sitting duck as-is.
    Corporations and small businesses alike are being targeted.
    Obviously deep pockets are a target but you may wonder why small businesses are also pursued. It’s because they’re easy wins and can’t afford to put up much of a fight.

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    I'm just not seeing this.......


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