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Thread: President Trump Impeachment Seems Likely According to Oddsmakers

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    Thumbs down President Trump Impeachment Seems Likely According to Oddsmakers

    MAGA's top donor himself is a well reputed America-Firster casino owner, he ought to beat these money hungry/gambling promoting oddmakers at this game.
    Also guy behind TMZ was supposed to be MAGA's friend, hopefully TMZ has not also turned on MAGA like Drudge, Foxnews, GOA, Tucker Carlson, Coulter etc.

    President Trump Impeachment Seems Likely According to Oddsmakers

    President Trump Impeachment Likely ... According to Oddsmakers
    10/2/2019 12:50 AM PT

    Donald Trump is about to follow in the footsteps of Bill Clinton ... at least that's the way degenerate gamblers and bookies see the impeachment process playing out.

    Okay, impeaching Trump is hardly what Vegas would call a stone-cold lock, but according to oddsmakers at ... it's now more likely than not the President is impeached.
    The odds of Trump getting impeached are currently 1/2 -- meaning a $100 bet pays $50 -- and the betting line has moved significantly since the whole Ukraine saga was thrust into the national conversation.
    Since the whistleblower came out and Nancy Pelosi started the impeachment inquiry, the betting line shifted from even to 1/2. That kinda shift is due to the fact tons of people started betting Trump WILL get impeached.

    Oddsmakers tell us the current betting line is the lowest it's been at any point since Trump was sworn in, and up until recently, the bettors felt confident 45 would get a second term.

    It's interesting ... polls are trending toward more Americans favoring impeachment than not ... and clearly a lot of them are willing to risk some of their hard-earned money on it.

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    Won't be surprised if odds got bumped after this news and Romney's statement yesterday:

    Trump Says if He Runs in Israel He Would Get 98% of The Vote

    Trump took to Instagram to endorse Netanyahu campaign

    Israel's Netanyahu gives up effort to form new government
    President Rivlin hands mandate to form new administration to Benny Gantz after Netanyahu admits defeat.
    8 hours ago

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    Are those the same Oddmarkers who for sure thought that Hillary would win in 2016? these Oddmarkers had being wrong for some MMA fights now.

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