Boris Johnson is set to suspend Parliament again next week in another potentially incendiary move.The PM is expected to ask the monarch to prorogue on Tuesday to pave the way for a new legislative programme.
A Queen's Speech will then take place on October 14 - just three days before a crucial EU summit.

Downing Street said: 'The Prime Minister has been consistently clear that he wants to set out a fresh legislative programme in a Queen's Speech.
'He therefore intends to request that the current session of Parliament be prorogued from the evening of Tuesday October 8, with a Queen's Speech on Monday October 14.'

Mr Johnson said: 'I want to deliver on the people's priorities.
'Through a Queen's Speech, the Government will set out its plans for the NHS, schools, tackling crime, investing in infrastructure and building a strong economy.
'We will get Brexit done on October 31 and continue delivering on these vital issues.'
This move is likely to be less controversial as it is a shorter period of time - but will still infuriate Remainer MPs who insist they must be able to scrutinise the government's handling of the Brexit process.

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