The people of this land have sat in idle acceptance and compliance since the first days of the so-called "republic". Where was the spirit of liberty, or has the definition of that term altered over time? Perhaps the relatively loose sense of slavery, the "pretty slavery" that was foisted upon those people in favor of the comparatively tight version of Georgie Rex seemed as true freedom to those people. But what, then, explains the Whiskey Rebellion? Clearly, there were those whose notions of liberty were more in keeping with my own, even in those days.

And what of the succeeding generations? Is it only now that we are cluing in to the deeper and more correct philosophical truth regarding the notion of proper human freedom in a context of the derived principles of proper human relations? Perhaps it has just taken this long for the seed of truer liberty to germinate, though the writings of men like Spooner suggest otherwise - a less flattering explanation of why the people of this land have sat in meek obedience for so long.

How does taxation, repression, imprisonment, and murder by the so-called "state" constitute "breathing free"?

We have been reaping the sow of obedience ever since, and we shall continue to do so until such time as we stand tall and begin acting as adults, rather than idiot children with poor attitudes.