The ballot box cannot dismantle settler colonialism

September 17th marked the second Israeli general election of the year. It represented an attempt by Benjamin Netanyahu to regain a Knesset majority after failing to form a coalition government in April. His power grab backfired, with Benny Gantz of the Blue and White party emerging victorious. Many liberal analyses of this election, which pitted Netanyahu against his former Commander in Chief of the IDF, point to Israel’s continued occupation of the West Bank and Gaza as proof of the paradoxical nature of the “only democracy in the Middle East.” Some went farther, challenging the legitimacy of an election that does not include the votes of the five million Palestinian’s whose fates it would decide.


Trump's new NSA pick is a strong supporter of Israeli settlements

In 2017, he published an article about how Israel was being discriminated against in the United Nations. The article attacked the Obama administration for not vetoing a U.N. Security Council resolution against Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem. He said that the resolution “has done nothing to advance the peace process”.