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Thread: Eurocrat calls for EU Empire

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    I remember years ago in my college econ class the professor said Europe would HAVE to become a political union in order to survive in any kind of form it is today. We never discussed exactly how that would happen or take place but I imagine it'll be something like how they converted over to the Euro. I imagine say four years from now all EU members would prepare to vote to get in place the politicians they want. This would be last time any of them would vote for their country's leader. After which at a set date those leaders that were elected ALL campaign to be elected President of the new United States of Europe (USE) or maybe The European Federated Union (EFU).

    I'm having fun with these acronyms:

    Federated United States of Europe (FUSE)
    Elite European League (EEL)
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    Where is John Galt?

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