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Thread: Court vacates sentence for Rand Paul's neighbor, says it was too lenient

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    The neighbor who lost his temper and attacked Republican U.S. Sen. Rand Paul in 2017, breaking six of his ribs, has been sentenced to an additional 13 months confinement.

    A federal judge initially sentenced Rene Boucher to 30 days in jail for the November 2017 attack, along with 100 hours of community service and a $10,000 fine.

    During a video hearing Monday, U.S. District Judge Matthew F. Leitman handed down the new sentence against Boucher – eight months in prison and six months on home confinement.

    However, Leitman gave Boucher credit for the 30 days he already served, so he will have seven more months behind bars.

    The new sentence for Boucher still wasn’t as long as the government wanted.

    Assistant U.S. Attorney Brad Shepard objected to the sentence, which could lead to yet another appeal by the government for stiffer sentence for Boucher.

    Paul and his wife, Kelly, submitted written statements about the attack the first time Boucher was sentenced, but spoke in person during the video hearing Monday.

    Paul said he’d never had cross words with Boucher and so had no idea he was unhappy before Boucher blindsided him.

    Paul described the intense pain and his struggles to breathe after the attack, as well as the history of physical problems since, including bouts with pneumonia, night sweats and fever; coughing up blood; surgery to remove part of his scarred lung; and still more surgery to drain infected fluid.

    Paul said his lung capacity will likely be reduced the rest of his life, and he has chronic pain.

    “I don’t know what a night without pain is like, or a day without pain,” Paul said.

    Kelly Paul told the judge of the strain and fear his injuries and suffering caused for her and other family members.

    In one visit to the emergency room, doctors inserted a huge needle into Paul’s chest to draw out fluid, not using anesthesia because of the need to move quickly, she said.

    Another time, a doctor told them there was an 80 percent chance that cancer had developed in the scarred area of Paul’s lung, his wife said.

    “Now in constantly worry,” Kelly Paul said.

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    It should have been a death sentence for attempted murder.
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    The attack made national news because of Paul’s position, but prosecutors have acknowledged it had nothing to do with politics.
    When was that?! Rand has suggested otherwise!
    stacking limbs and other yard waste near their shared property line.
    Still with the sleazy wording! "near their shared property line" means on his own property!

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