I propose to coin yet another new term for humanity, the ideas of which I trust shall be clear.

Ladies and gents, may I introduce the Three Ls, or 3Ls for brevity's sake:

  1. Life
  2. Limb
  3. Liberty

What, you may ask, do these three notions, clustered in some sense as a group, represent?

The answer is simple: together, the form the very basis of all human claims to life. I have been in the habit of late of referring to a man's life as his "First Property". This wording reinforces the notion of a man's life as his own possession and not that of any other man, save by sound and valid agreement.

Limb, the physical embodiment of a man, is an integral part of his First Property, without which said property could not continue on this earthly plane. The threat of destruction in toto is only one concern a man has for Limb, partial destruction through maiming or its literal expropriation into a slave condition, relevantly at the hands of his fellow men, being the other two great concerns regarding Limb.

His Liberty completes the Triad or Trinity of a man's fundamental moral constitution, that arising from the very nature of his being, particularly significant in the context of the company of his fellows.

And there you have it - the very basis of men as individuals expressed in truth that is so obvious to unclouded minds as to be nearly absurd in its mention. And yet, the mind of the modern man is so very clouded that someone finds himself compelled to make such mentions as these regarding their very existence, as well as their individual natures, and the nature of their interrelations.

I bid you consider the 3Ls, and further mull what they mean to you and those you love. Ponder what it means when the respect of them is thrown to the wayside by one's fellow men. Think of what the world of men becomes when respect by one man for his fellows dissipates into the mists, unleashing every wild impulse he may have such that he makes no mind of the resulting violations. Now imagine into what that translates when one such man becomes legions of men.

If your considerations prove vexatious and the source of grave concern, then I will consider myself as having accomplished at least one of my objectives in this writing.

Be well, be free, and as always, please accept my best wishes.