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Thread: The Gender Unicorn worksheet...

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    The Gender Unicorn worksheet...

    Worksheet asked middle schoolers about gender identity, sexual preferences

    The teacher, who reportedly did not ask for permission to use it, has been told to stop using it.

    DENAIR, Calif. — A middle school teacher was told to stop distributing a worksheet asking students about their gender identity and sexual preferences in science class.

    The "Gender Unicorn" worksheet from Trans Student Educational Resources was given to seventh and eighth-graders at Denair Middle School, CBS in Sacramento said.

    The sheet reportedly included questions such as "What is your gender identity?" and "What are you sexually and emotionally attracted to?"

    The teacher goes by the title, “Mx” instead of “Mr.” and wanted the students to understand why, District Superintendent Terry Metzger told CBS Sacramento. The district said the teacher did not ask for permission before handing out the worksheet.

    Some parents who spoke with CBS were concerned about the worksheet and said it was not appropriate.

    “That has nothing to do with teaching about being transgender, or trying to educate people that is an extremely personal question,” parent Jenn Weenk told the news outlet.

    The worksheet itself features a cartoon unicorn and asks users to say how strongly they see their gender identity and gender expression, what their sex assigned at birth was and how strongly they're physically and emotionally attracted to each gender. The genders are classified as male, female and other.

    The Mercury News reports Superintendent Terry Metzger declined to comment on whether the teacher would be punished.

    Metzger told the newspaper that gender identity is part of California's state-mandated health curriculum for students in middle and high school. However, it's not taught in science class.

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    Purely a screening tool to find prospects for further questions...

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    Please, I don't need my heading exploding this early in the day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Working Poor View Post
    Please, I don't need my heading exploding this early in the day.
    It's for the children.

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    This is why government needs to get out of education.


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    I didn't get these kind of worksheets when I was in middle school.
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