A man whose recent legal opinion was cited by by GOP-Adelson's top leadership is facing rough time on social media since exit of Alex Acosta and suicide of Jeffrey Epstein:

07/30/2019 05:09 am ET

‘Creepy Dershowitz’ Trends And You Really Don’t Want To Know Why

By Ed Mazza
Alan Dershowitz fired off a series of tweets on Monday defending an old column he wrote that suggested lowering the age of consent to 15.

Dershowitz argued in the 1997 Los Angeles Times piece that “puberty is apparently arriving earlier, particularly among some ethnic groups.” And, he said, “based on demographic criteria,” the age of consent should be lowered:
“It certainly should not be as high as 17 or 16. Reasonable people can disagree over whether it should be as low as 14. Fifteen would seem like an appropriate compromise.”


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