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Thread: San Jose Mayor Proposes Requiring Gun Owners To Buy Liability Insurance

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    San Jose Mayor Proposes Requiring Gun Owners To Buy Liability Insurance

    WTF? There is no forum for the 2nd amendment? Just noticed this.

    In what could become a trend for cities impact by mass shootings, Sam Liccardo, the mayor of San Jose - where 19-year-old Santino William Legan killed 3 (including 2 children) and wounded 16 others at the Gilroy Garlic Festival last month - has proposed a new city ordinance that would require firearm owners to either carry liability insurance or pay a fee to help cover the public costs of gun violence, Axios reports

    San Jose, the tenth-largest city in the country, is the first to propose a "harm reduction" reduction policy aimed at stopping gun violence (though whether these measures will definitively end gun violence very much remains to be seen).

    If the city council approves the measure, all gun owners in the city will need to purchase private liability insurance. If for whatever reason gun owners can't purchase said equipment, they could instead pay the above-mentioned fee, which would go into a pool intended to cover the costs of police and emergency services personnel related to gun violence.

    Adding a characteristically Silicon Valley twist, to protect the privacy of gun owners, the city is considering using blockchain technology to get around a state law prohibiting local governments from establishing gun registries (we're sure all of the libertarian crypto nerds would love to see that).

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    They will be sued into oblivion. Licardo is nuts.

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    This is a stealth ban.
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