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Thread: Trump Deputy AG Rosenstein on recent mass shootings: “white terrorism” is more precise

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    So in your world, repeating aka posting here any claims, news in media sourced to people linked with GOP-Adelson's leadership automatically implies 'agreement'?

    If so, you didn't object to following repeat of statement of MAGA's Deputy AG that is the main topic here, does that mean this was okay but ADL statement is the problem:

    George is right. Killing random civilians to spread a political message is terrorism. FBI classifies it as domestic terrorism, but “white terrorism” is more precise. Many of the killers are lone-wolf losers indoctrinated to hate through the internet, just like Islamic terrorists.
    Rod Rosenstein (@RodRosenstein) August 4, 2019


    ADL Urges Trump to drop 'anti-semitic' slogan 'America-First'

    At ADL, Rod Rosenstein praises Trump — and extols those who defend the rule of law

    By Ron Kampeas May 7, 2018

    WASHINGTON (JTA) — Rod Rosenstein came to the annual conference of the Anti-Defamation League with plaudits for Donald Trump despite being at the center of the president’s contentious relationship with his Justice Department.

    He extolled Trump’s call for unity in the wake of the Charlottesville white supremacist rally in August that turned deadly and compared him to Abraham Lincoln.

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