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Thread: Introducing Candidate John Hicks for Governor of Kentucky

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    Lightbulb Introducing Candidate John Hicks for Governor of Kentucky

    Introducing Kentucky's Governor/Lt. Governor Candidates:

    Hicks/Cormican for Kentucky 2019
    John Hicks - Governor
    Ann Cormican - Lieutenant Governor

    Campaign Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11936
    Louisville, Kentucky 40251-0936
    Campaign e-mail address:

    Campaign Phone #: 502-213-0428

    Campaign Facebook web page:

    Brief Candidate Slate Bio: Hicks, 72, is also a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam, and he previously taught in Jefferson County Public Schools and published a community newspaper in Fern Creek.

    The Libertarian candidate's running mate is Ann Cormican, a native of Paris, Kentucky, who works at the Toyota Kentucky manufacturing facility in Georgetown.

    Campaign direct quotes 1-5 : 1.) "Fixing a 'broken electoral system' and not 'controlling the private life' of Kentuckians are among the Libertarian ticket's priorities, Hicks told the Courier Journal."

    2.) "The Libertarian Party is fiscally responsible and socially tolerant, unlike the old parties who want to control the facets of your life through coercive edicts."

    3.) "Thank you to all the pioneers who put their freedom on the line for everyone’s freedoms!

    This November YOU can show your support for freedom without risking jail time by voting LIBERTARIAN.
    Tell the establishments that you’ve had enough of their corruption and you’re tired of them spending YOUR money as if it grows on a tree in your yard."

    4.) "When we inhibit people from bettering themselves, we create people that are dependent on taxpayers for welfare. And so the taxpayer pays again and again.

    Kentucky’s prison population, which is overcrowded (so overcrowded that we are housing felons in county jails) and costly (more than 600 million a year), consists of about 28% non violent offenders — that is people who did not commit crimes that hurt other people, or took their stuff. The cost to Kentucky taxpayers is in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.
    There is a better way. We need to stop locking people in cages who do not hurt other people or take their stuff.”

    5.) "The Libertarian Party is committed to America’s heritage of freedom: individual liberty and personal responsibility, a free-market economy of abundance and prosperity, a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace and free trade.”

    Campaign Grassroots You tube Interview with Kentucky Governor Candidate John Hicks:

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    A great interview and story by Matt Markgraf at Murray State University's NPR station, WKMS:

    Click this link for full story and audio!…/…

    The Libertarian Party of Kentucky - 4th District

    When asked why voters should choose him over Matt Bevin and Andy Beshear, Hicks said he’s “the one candidate that hasn’t been yelling at another candidate for the past four years.” Hicks say he's running on the themes of liberty, civility and election reform. “Depending on the voter I think civility might be something where I really shine,” he said.

    Hicks said Libertarians believe a large part of problem with the lack of civility in politics is due to the two-party system. “It basically exaggerates our differences,” he said, adding that election reform could help overcome the challenge.

    Hicks said the biggest issues affecting the state involves the “snarl” in pension funding, legalizing marijuana and election reform. On pensions, he said he believes Bevin is doing the right thing, but takes issue with his rhetoric and says it's necessary to get the parties working together. On marijuana, he said one doesn’t have to be a “pot head” to understand that criminalizing marijuana has made criminals of good people, burdens the prison system and ruins lives. On election reform, he said he’s advocating for runoff elections “so the winner always gets the majority of the votes” and said computers allow for precise instant runoff, ranked-choice voting. Another election reform measure, he said, involves proportional representation for elected assemblies.

    The Libertarian Party of Kentucky website features a graphic that suggests the party is in the middle when it comes to the left/right ideological divide. Hicks says the Libertarian Party is in a position to appeal to both the left and right. “We’re the only party that really stands up for civil liberties the way the Democrats used to. We’re the only party that really stands up for living sustainability and self restraint, fiscally responsible, pay-as-you-go, the way the Republicans used to. We’re against crony capitalism. We call ourselves the ‘live and let live’ party. Against war in general - against the war on drugs, in particular. I think we’re in a beautiful position now to appeal to people in both parties and independents.”

    Hicks said there are stereotypes about Libertarians that aren’t true, such as the notion that the party tends to pull from Republican voters. Hicks said he believes Gary Johnson votes (he was the Libertarian candidate in the 2016 presidential election) drew equally from the left and the right. “We have a lot of differences,” Hicks said, “And we’ve learned - we know how to get along with each other.”

    When asked about his thoughts on President Trump, Hicks said he didn’t vote for him, but said there are parallels between the president and Bevin. “Both of them do have a libertarian streak in that they understand that regulation can get in the way and that business is important to prosperity. Trump seems to be playing a game where he’s sort of - he’s manipulating the press to a great extent with his statements and it’s hard to really read between the lines and to see what he really stands for,” Hicks said. He added that Libertarians believe Trump tends to be politically expedient, which happens to be Libertarian to an extent. He said he believes Bevin’s “main problem” is how he delivers his rhetoric and how he engages with people who disagree with him.

    Hicks says he and other Libertarians will be at the Fancy Farm Picnic this weekend.

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