• Newly revealed documents show that federal prosecutors under the guidance of US attorney Alex Acosta told the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office that Jeffrey Epstein was not eligible for work release.
  • The Daily Mail reported that a December 2008 letter and other materials from then-US Attorney Alex Acosta's office arguing against Epstein's work release cited the timing of Epstein's registering as a sex offender and other administrative functions as the reason for the arrangement. Acosta's office ultimately says the decision was made by the Corrections Division of the Palm Beach County Sheriff's office.
  • The work release part of the deal stipulated that Epstein left jail to work in his private office 12 hours a day, six days a week.
  • A November 2018 Miami Herald report probed the secretive plea deal penned by Acosta that granted Epstein's lax sentencing guidelines even though the paper said local and federal investigators looking into Epstein's suspected trafficking of minor girls had enough evidence to put him away for life in 2007.
  • The arrangement raised a bevy of new concerns when a lawyer representing some of the women who have accused Epstein of sexual abuse said in July 2019 that Epstein committed sexual abuse during his 13-month jail term.

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