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Thread: [LIVE] Brexit Party Rally

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    [LIVE] Brexit Party Rally

    4pm BST, that's in 12 minutes.

    I believe a stream will be posted to their twitter page:

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    They're introducing 100 of their Parliamentary candidates. Great effort!

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    Chairman Richard Tice says he will scap HS2 (high speed rail), scrap foreign aid and stop sending the EU money.

    He also said he will scrap interest on student loans.

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    Speaking now is Tim Martin, he owns over 900 bars in the UK

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    Martin says the UK needs to leave the EU on WTO (World trade org) rules because they will never give the UK a good deal.

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    Martin says instead of buying wine and brandy from France he is buying it from the UK and Australia

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    Farage greeted like a rock star

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    Farage says dont vote Conservative because it will split the vote and let Labor in. Instead, people should vote Brexit Party

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    Farage is outlining his policies. He points out that Main Street is in decline and needs tax relief for new businesses.

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    Some media coverage of the rally:

    Nigel Farage’s Brexit Party reveals plans to halve foreign aid, write off student debt and give free wi-fi to all

    NIGEL Farage's Brexit Party has revealed plans to get ready for an election in weeks as it announces its policies to halve foreign aid, write off student dent and give free wi-fi to everyone.

    At a packed party rally in Birmingham he unveiled his blueprint for Brexit Britain - and vowed to target every seat.
    And he revealed the Brexit Party has already chosen 100 candidates to fight seats for it at the next general election - but didn't release the names of them yet.

    The list includes two ex-cops, ten who were in the military and a forklift driver. Several doctors, teachers and nurses are in the mix too.

    All the names will be revealed next month, party sources said.

    But first they are vetting thousands of candidates who have applied to be on their ballots - some coming over from other parties too.

    Their policies are the first they have revealed apart from promising to quit the EU as soon as possible.

    As part of their 'big vision', the Brexit Party have pledged:

    -A £200billion Brexit booster plan for the regions, paid for by scrapping HS2, refusing to pay Brussels the Brexit bill, and cutting the foreign aid budget in half
    -To cut interest on student loans to 0 per cent
    -To scrap business rates for firms outside the M25 and replace it with an online sales tax
    -To provide free broadband to everyone, including on buses, trains and trams

    And supporters are already being asked their feedback on more policy announcements that will be revealed in the coming weeks.

    All of the thousands of Brits who have attended Brexit party rallies in the last month have had to be vetted too.

    The former Ukip boss said of their latest campaign push: "On Day One of the new Conservative Prime Minister, they need to know we’re ready to fight every constituency.

    "We’ve got this machine. It’s oiled, it’s organised. We’re on our way. This is our number one focus at the moment - candidates, getting them in place..

    "Any new prime minister needs to know that we are absolutely ready. That we are a real threat."

    Richard Tice, Party Chairman commented: "Today we have announced some specific policy proposals that will help a range of voters and interest groups, but particularly those on lower incomes.

    "We have to make our country fairer for all."

    One of the party's new MEPs, Annunziata Rees-Mogg, said MPs should be "scared" of her party's plans for Westminster.

    The party also printed out thousands of copies of its new newspaper, The Brexiteer.

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