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Thread: New Court docs show Brian D. Hill victim of police medical neglect

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    New Court docs show Brian D. Hill victim of police medical neglect

    New federal court documents show that Brian D. Hill, the former USWGO Alternative News reporter, has recently filed declarations with the Court with a letter from expert witness Pete Compton demonstrating that Brian was living in a home with carbon monoxide gas poisoning until the date of his arrest.

    He has autism, Type 1 brittle diabetes. He was under the influence of gas exposure of CO (carbon monoxide), which can cause brain damage and can cause a person to act crazy. He apparently, ran out of his home, talked with some guy wearing a hoodie who had threatened to kill Brian's mother if he didn't get naked and take photos of himself, walking at night down the "dick and willie" hiking trail. Of course he had suggested that it may be a hallucination or not as coming from the gas.

    Also according to more pages from document #179 in his federal case ( ), it also shows a Hospital releasing him early to Martinsville City Jail, a small city jail in the state of Virginia. Laboratory results were ordered from apparently some kind of blood being drawn and then was ordered "deleted" from the chart. The police apparently did no laboratory results.

    So Brian claimed he was drugged in his earlier court filing (doc #153) under affidavit, said that he was afraid and said he was being watched by somebody, then left the doors unlocked while exhibiting a weird form of paranoia, before deciding to run out to some hiking trail at night to walk butt naked, under the direction of what he claimed was the guy in the hoodie, a guy wearing a dark colored hoodie.

    What had happened to Brian D. Hill was odd, then describing that his mother received threatening greeting cards, one stating that they will perpetuate a "controlled action" against Brian's mother and another one saying that she was sick.

    Whoever sent that greeting card knew that Brian's mother was sick (possibly from carbon monoxide poisoning?????) so all of this was happening.

    Then the Martinsville Police Department and their corrupt City Jail, prevented Brian from having laboratory results which would have proven that Brian had carbon monoxide poisoning (CO). A letter from Pete Compton should have been enough for the Commonwealth Attorney (CA) to dismiss the indecent exposure charge against Brian. he did this at night when people don't walk the hiking trail. He has never done such a thing for his entire life up to age 28. He hasn't been reported to have done anything like that afterwords. So it appears that Brian was almost killed by CO and the CA of Martinsville refuses to accept that Brian was a victim of gas poisoning.

    Was Brian being possibly assassinated by carbon monoxide?????? Why did he run down a trail butt naked at night where there were bears and coyotes around? Why did he say he was being watched and exhibited paranoia or psychosis and then evidence comes out showing that Brian released that he was under CO exposure? Why didn't Martinsville Police check for CO? Why didn't the police checked the very blood that was drawn from him at the Hospital? Why did the Hospital release him into police custody without conducting the Laboratory work?

    Was the Hospital being negligent or the Police?

    Who added tin to the flumes for the Chimney causing CO to be released into Brian's apartment? Did the Deep State attempt to kill Brian or make him go mentally insane using carbon monoxide?

    Pete Compton is a chimney expert from Bassett, VA.

    You can review his other court documents.

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    Either Sovah Hospital of Martinsville or the Police Department or even Martinsville City Jail had deprived Brian from being able to prove that he was a victim of carbon monoxide poisoning, then they plan on convicting Brian for indecent exposure when Brian has autism. Brian filed evidence that he was exposed to gas poisoning, even the day before Brian did something stupid that he had never done before. He was 28 years old at the time this happened.

    Brian filed a 2255 motion asserting actual innocence, fraud upon the court, pisses off the U.S. Attorney, and then he turns around and does something at night, gets abrasions all over his body. He was walking out at night around some nature trail out in the middle of nature at night where black bears and coyotes run around and could have eaten Brian or cut his body up into little tiny pieces. Why would Brian do that out of the blue? Has the stress of his federal case gotten to him? Why would Brian decide to go down the road of just further hurting himself?

    Brian should never have been discharged from the Hospital. That was a mistake. He should have been kept under observation. This man has no history of doing this act before he was accused of it. Out of the blue, had trouble breathing, and some other weird stuff. It all shows signs of carbon monoxide.

    Why didn't anybody in the Hospital or Martinsville police department go around testing for carbon monoxide??????????

    Why did Brian's mother receive threatening greeting cards from Tennessee????? Why didn't the FBI question Brian's mother about the threatening greeting cards?

    Why did the police not want to accept Brian's autism?

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    Laurie Azgard (I cannot reveal her true name for security reasons, but she used to interview Brian on a talk show a long time ago) had written a blog post about it.

    Hey Stanley,

    I have written this article and wanted you to share it with whoever you need to share it with.

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write articles and manage your blog.

    This is Laurie's new blog post and I hope that you like her new article.

    I think Brian was set up really badly this time. Whoever this man in the black hoodie is, sounds like a real douchebag. Compelling Brian to take his clothes off and place a SD card at some bench. Sounds to me like a hallucination or blackmail operation. This is getting bad for him. He needs protection before his mother may actually be murdered.

    Where is our loving FBI to help protect Brian?????????

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