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Thread: AMA Says Mature 12-Year-Olds Can Consent to Vaccination Without Parents

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    AMA Says Mature 12-Year-Olds Can Consent to Vaccination Without Parents

    At the recently concluded annual meeting of the American Medical Association (AMA) in Chicago, AMA delegates adopted a doozy of a new policy. The powerful trade group agreed to develop model legislation that pressures state legislatures into allowing minors to “override refusenik parents on vaccination.”
    In 2000, the Supreme Court reasserted the fundamental right of parents to oversee the care, custody and control of their children, a right recognized by states until children reach age 18. Where vaccines are concerned, the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act—passed in 1986—legally requires health care providers to distribute vaccine information materials to the parent or legal guardian of any child to whom the provider intends to administer a vaccine “prior to the administration of such vaccine” [emphasis added].
    Does it trouble the AMA that its pronouncement goes against legal precedent as well as social custom? Apparently unconcerned about “chipping away at parental rights,” AMA representatives are gung-ho about the organization’s new policy position. Not only do they want minors as young as 12 to be able to consent to vaccination regardless of their parents’ “flawed beliefs”—while still expecting parents to pay for the vaccines—they also believe that doctors should be the ones declaring a child “mature enough” to consent to vaccination. A question that anyone familiar with the AMA’s history should be asking is, why would we trust the AMA to make such vital decisions in parents’ stead?

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    Medical Tyranny. This has to stop!!!!
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    Suuuuure, and they can sign contracts, and they can drive, and they can drink, oh, but if they choose to smoke, then they need to be at least 25 years old! $#@!ing hypocrites! If youre old enough to die for your country, then youre old enough to make informed decisions as to what goes in your body, both good and bad. Before that, no contracts and no dying for your country and then and only then can I see no smoking or drinking.
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