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Thread: The Sharp Decline In Original Movies From 1980 To 2018

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    The Sharp Decline In Original Movies From 1980 To 2018

    We like to complain about how movies nowadays seem to be dominated by remakes and franchise films, but has Hollywood really become less original these past decades?

    To answer this question, Reddit user rewindturtle created a chart that breaks down the top 25 highest-grossing movies from 1980 to 2018 into three categories: original movies, movies that are based on preexisting fictional works and movies based on non-fictional characters or events. The chart shows the percentage of box office gross contributed by each movie category every year:
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    Wow...nice to see what I have thought was the case, quantified.

    HollyWeird is bankrupt...nothing but CGI nonsense based on other people's work.

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    I've liked seeing some of the classic novels on film. I've disliked classic films being remade. But I HATE that every other movie in the last decade has been about comic book superheroes!
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