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Thread: Supreme Court allows Virginia to block mining of nation's largest uranium deposit

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    Supreme Court allows Virginia to block mining of nation's largest uranium deposit

    The Supreme Court ruled Monday that industry groups and the Trump administration cannot force Virginia to open up the nation's largest deposit of uranium to mining.The case, pending for more than seven months, deeply divided the justices between those favoring states' rights and those arguing that the federal government retains authority over the nuclear industry.
    In the end, three conservatives and three liberals combined in the 6-3 ruling for Virginia, with Associate Justice Neil Gorsuch writing the main opinion. Chief Justice John Roberts and Associate Justices Stephen Breyer and Samuel Alito dissented.
    "Every indication in the law before us suggests that Congress elected to leave mining regulation on private land to the states and grant the (Nuclear Regulatory Commission) regulatory authority only after uranium is removed from the earth," Gorsuch wrote.

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    Both Trump picks took the right side for states' rights.

    The leftists on the court just want to keep us from utilizing our resources.
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    Thumbs up RKBA - States Rights victory

    A Second Amendment victory for The Right of the People of Virginia to Keep and Bear Arms, including nukes, or whatever.
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