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Thread: BitCoin Regrets

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    BitCoin Regrets

    Does anyone else on here have BitCoin regrets? I think i had 35 of them in like 2011 and sold them all. Now its worth $9k each. That would be $300k

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    Haha, you made me have to check. Back when bitcoin was all the rage and above 10k or whatnot, I told my friend "Yeah, if I had a million dollars for everyone who said they could make me money - I'd be out a million dollars."

    With that said, I was up and coming in 2012, freaking out about the debt and wondering what the heck is going on. I converted my savings into silver in 2012, $2,000. $30 an ounce. Silver is still $15 an ounce. I laugh about it, its been precious metal for thousands of years, if my fears come to fruition I won't have to worry about it being $15 an ounce anymore.

    But, apparently Bitcoin was $13 in 2012. I was definitely knowledgeable enough then, I was looking to convert out of FRNs, if I wasn't so ultra-conservative and bought into the "metals have been money for thousands of years" and instead bought into the new age idealism (I even work in IT), it really seems like I would have done bitcoin instead. That's hilarious, in another universe where I was part of the hope & change crowd, I could've sold them at 9k each and have over a million bucks. On a routine basis I tell myself: "If I only had 600k...I could do what I want with my life...".

    But no lol, I don't have any regrets. I'm much more devastated by the loss of my 6 year relationship, for reasons I still can't fully make sense out of. It seems like I've thought so much, and so little, about it all at the same time. I keep coming back to it, and think "What the $#@! do you want from me? I did everything I knew to do. I wanted that more than anything. It wouldn't happen. Why?"

    So, it seems silly to get choked up by bitcoin. I did everything I knew to do, and I still only hear about the value of bitcoin in terms of $$$ amounts, I'm not going to rage "Why wasn't *I* the one to cash in on this bubble?!"

    I would wager right now that there are 1,000 stocks out there that could surpass any return on bitcoin, yet here we are just wasting time like a bunch of morons; I'm thinking of watching some TV in a bit. So why don't we buy those 1,000 stocks?? We'd be rich. It's because I'd put $1,000 into stocks and I'd lose $1,000. I know for a fact that my hard work will make me successful, and that's what I plan on doing. Well; unless the world burns.

    But yeah man, missing out on opportunities sucks. I hope things have gone well for you in the other areas of your life.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord View Post
    Does anyone else on here have BitCoin regrets? I think i had 35 of them in like 2011 and sold them all. Now its worth $9k each. That would be $300k
    I should have bought more but it is hard to look at it as anything other than make believe . Anyway I am holding mine until I get 1 million.

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    If I could have actually used it for any of my normal transactions I would have bought more .

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    Regrets ? Not really , my biggest regrets were involving all that silver I sold around 30 to 40 that I bought mostly 6 - 9 . I could have been buying gold at 200 instead and sold it at 1400 - 1900 .

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    My biggest regret is not being able to predict the future.

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