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Thread: Saudi wants to execute human rights activist arrested at 13 years old

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    Saudi wants to execute human rights activist arrested at 13 years old

    (CNN) — A group of boys on bicycles gather on a dusty side-street in eastern Saudi Arabia.

    Foot on pedal, 10-year-old Murtaja Qureiris is about to lead the group of around 30 children. In video footage obtained by CNN, he is wearing rolled up denim jeans and black flip-flops on his feet, and grinning at the camera recording the event. It may look like a regular bike ride, but the group is staging a protest.

    Moments after they set off, Qureiris gets lost in the sea of boys, struggling to keep up as he lifts a megaphone and presses it against his lips. “The people demand human rights!” he shouts.

    As a boy, Qureiris participated in demonstrations like this bike ride, expressions of dissent in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province during the 2011 Arab Spring.

    Three years after he was filmed taking part in the bike protest, Saudi authorities arrested Qureiris, then just 13 years old. He was traveling with his family to Bahrain when he was detained by Saudi border authorities on the King Fahd causeway that connects the two countries.

    At the time, he was considered by lawyers and activists to be the youngest known political prisoner in Saudi Arabia.

    Now, at the age of 18, Qureiris is facing the death penalty after being held for almost four years in pre-trial detention, CNN has learned.
    His name was Seth Rich.

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    Killing children for your own amusement and personal gain. Unbelievable.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anti Globalist View Post
    Killing children for your own amusement and personal gain. Unbelievable.
    Those people are not civilized . Do not believe anyone who tells you otherwise .
    Do something Danke

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    People... We do a lot of business with the Saudi's. Besides, at least they let this 13 year old kid grow to be an adult before they kill and dismember him.

    Granted, a more civilized country would just try him under the espionage act and then throw him in a "federal fk me in the a$$" prison for the rest of his life... They're a different culture over there though - all there is to it.

    ...and if you disagree with me, your a racist, sexist, musli-phobe.

    Gulag Chief:
    "Article 58-1a, twenty five years... What did you get it for?"
    Gulag Prisoner: "For nothing at all."
    Gulag Chief: "You're lying... The sentence for nothing at all is 10 years"

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    It's ok, they are our allies. We should give them nukes to counter Iran.
    "The Patriarch"

    Quote Originally Posted by spudea View Post
    As is regularly pointed out on this forum, Trump is an idiot, a liar, and regularly uses bloated exaggeration so why would anyone put much stock into what he says? I think it's easy to figure Trump out. Sorry you are still confused.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    That is a lie.
    @Brian4Liberty, devil keeps spreading this lie.
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    I will report violations of the forum rules to the forum staff when they are egregious enough.

    You should remember that.

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