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Thread: Citizenship as a bribe. Can government do it?

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    Citizenship as a bribe. Can government do it?

    Can US government use promise of US citizenship as a bribe? Has it happened?

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    George W. Bush tried to bribe some illegal aliens into voting for him with a promise of amnesty, but most everyone knew that he was lying and couldn't deliver. His Reconquista Republican Amnesty bill was defeated in 2006, but he did manage to get re-elected in '04.

    Dubya hispanders during his '04 campaign.

    So yes, bribes can be an effective way of gaining power. Gov CAN do it.
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    Now let's talk US government and people outside US.
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    Military service
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    The "republican" base is pushing this as we speak, as are members of this forum, such as AF, Swordy, et al.

    When it comes right down to it, there is NO difference between a socialist and a nationalist, the only difference being is what rhetoric to use in front of a given crowd. Gone are the days of Natural Rights, Property Rights, Contract Rights and Individualism.
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