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Thread: Introducing Candidate John Hicks for Governor of Kentucky

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    Lightbulb Introducing Candidate John Hicks for Governor of Kentucky

    Introducing Kentucky's Governor/Lt. Governor Candidates:

    Hicks/Cormican for Kentucky 2019
    John Hicks - Governor
    Ann Cormican - Lieutenant Governor

    Campaign Mailing Address: P.O. Box 11936
    Louisville, Kentucky 40251-0936
    Campaign e-mail address:

    Campaign Phone #: 502-213-0428

    Campaign Facebook web page:

    Brief Candidate Slate Bio: Hicks, 72, is also a U.S. Army veteran who served in Vietnam, and he previously taught in Jefferson County Public Schools and published a community newspaper in Fern Creek.

    The Libertarian candidate's running mate is Ann Cormican, a native of Paris, Kentucky, who works at the Toyota Kentucky manufacturing facility in Georgetown.

    Campaign direct quotes 1-5 : 1.) "Fixing a 'broken electoral system' and not 'controlling the private life' of Kentuckians are among the Libertarian ticket's priorities, Hicks told the Courier Journal."

    2.) "The Libertarian Party is fiscally responsible and socially tolerant, unlike the old parties who want to control the facets of your life through coercive edicts."

    3.) "Thank you to all the pioneers who put their freedom on the line for everyone’s freedoms!

    This November YOU can show your support for freedom without risking jail time by voting LIBERTARIAN.
    Tell the establishments that you’ve had enough of their corruption and you’re tired of them spending YOUR money as if it grows on a tree in your yard."

    4.) "When we inhibit people from bettering themselves, we create people that are dependent on taxpayers for welfare. And so the taxpayer pays again and again.

    Kentucky’s prison population, which is overcrowded (so overcrowded that we are housing felons in county jails) and costly (more than 600 million a year), consists of about 28% non violent offenders — that is people who did not commit crimes that hurt other people, or took their stuff. The cost to Kentucky taxpayers is in the hundreds of millions of dollars per year.
    There is a better way. We need to stop locking people in cages who do not hurt other people or take their stuff.”

    5.) "The Libertarian Party is committed to America’s heritage of freedom: individual liberty and personal responsibility, a free-market economy of abundance and prosperity, a foreign policy of non-intervention, peace and free trade.”

    Campaign Grassroots You tube Interview with Kentucky Governor Candidate John Hicks:

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    Cross-post this thread in Grassroots Central so it gets front page "Activist Effort" coverage. Youll get more clicks, @clint4liberty
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