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Thread: [VIDEO] Rand Paul calls out ex-DOJ officials' 'abuse of power' in Trump spying

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    I agree with Rand. Amash seems to think it is a higher priority to pursue an impeachment that won't happen, than pursuing deep state criminals. Amash has Trump derangement syndrome.
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    thanks for posting! So Rand is in New York? Please try and see what other media appearances he might do!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cleaner44 View Post
    I agree with Rand. Amash seems to think it is a higher priority to pursue an impeachment that won't happen, than pursuing deep state criminals. Amash has Trump derangement syndrome.
    He's not alone, quite a few on RPF also suffer from this.

    Trump is making anti-war libertarians pro-war, so that they can be right about Trump.

    And we often wonder what happened to the anti-war left. Crazy world...
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    Rand Paul is right on this. Amash has gone full TDS. Glad I can count on Rand for some sanity

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    I stand with Rand.
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    Absolute abuse of power and as I said from day one;

    The entire show was about the 'Hillary Shield' , its Trumps fault in the sense that
    had he gone ahead with the promise, Hillary would have been neutralized , sadly
    he gave her the jump , the preemptive strike,

    POSSIBLY BY DESIGN on Trump's part, .....who can say for sure.

    But the fact is that Hillary's camp was allowed to get the upper hand, any subsequent talk of
    indictments from Trump House, would have been presented or characterized
    by liberals as retaliatory, and that would have sounded reasonable.

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    This lady went nuclear on Justin at his townhall. Shes a Trump supporter but most importantly, she was an Amash supporter first, from his initial campaign. I have to admit, it doesn't look good. Imagine someone as active as she is, fighting for his primary opponent.

    Many "all or nothing Libertarians" love to see this because it's entertaining but it won't be so entertaining if Amash loses his seat.

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    Rand was on Stuart Varney's show too.
    update: (full 5:28 minute video)
    video here (not entire interview?):

    discusses Mueller:
    SEN. RAND PAUL: The thing that shocks me is someone like Mueller, who is supposed to be esteemed and has been around decades, completely fundamentally misunderstands our justice system. The burden on the government is to prove that you're guilty. No one is proved to be innocent. You're presumed to be innocent. He is on television, "We never said, we never concluded the president was innocent." Completely misunderstands our judicial system. You're presumed to be innocent, they have to prove you're guilty. He was not charged. He was not indicted, so he is innocent, so it is really wrong-headed but misunderstands our system for him to go around and say, "If he was innocent we would have said he was innocent." That never happens in our country. Grand juries never issue a bill about innocence. They only either indict you or try to prove you're guilty. You're presumed to be innocent in our country and Mueller completely misunderstands that.
    about impeachment and Justin Amash:
    STUART VARNEY: If we go with all the impeachment talk and investigations and subpoenas, and heaven knows what else, am I right in saying the government is essentially stalled, nothing gets done?

    RAND PAUL: Yes. I think people are sick and tired of this. People in my hometown who have been watching all this overwrought from the networks, it has become so partisan, so malevolent and hateful to the president. People are sick of watching it to tell you the truth. Can you imagine how sick they will get if we get a year or two of partisan impeachment process? It will be terrible for the country.

    STUART VARNEY: I think as you as a libertarian. Justin Amash, is a libertarian, he is saying, yeah, it is in Congress's court, go forward with impeachment, what do you make of that?

    RAND PAUL: Libertarians like myself for a long time said the intelligence community has too much power. We're very concerned that the CIA or FBI could be investigating Americans for political purposes. That has long been our complaint. I don't understand a libertarian who would take the investigation and say we should pursue it and impeach the president. It is against everything libertarians are for. We don't like too much power. We don't like the secret FISA court going after Americans. Foreigners are one thing, but we've been very concerned about the FISA court being used against Americans. I've been talking with the president. I spoke with him last night about how do we try to prevent this from happening to the next president or to the Americans at large? I think the president is open to trying to figure out a way, either legislatively or through executive order, we can try to prevent this abuse of power from happening again.

    STUART VARNEY: So you're really involved in taking steps to make sure this does not get repeated?

    RAND PAUL: Absolutely. I'm a supporter of the president, I'm really a supporter of every American whether you're a Republican donor, Democrat donor, activist politically, you should not be targeted by your government. If this happens, from now on the new normal will be, that administrations will go after their enemies. We've had a problem with that in our country before. That is why we had reforms. Right now this shows me, the whole Trump investigation shows me we need more reforms. It is about trying to control the government. Government, they say power corrupts, absolute power corrupts absolutely. We need to limit the power of the government to spy on Americans. The president may do some of this. I'm working with him on ideas, if they want to look at foreign intelligence, look at an American, they have to go to public court, the district court here in New York, in public, say we have probable cause we want to investigate an American. Otherwise, it shouldn't happen. They abused the FISA system which is supposed to be about going after foreign spies, to go after an American campaign. This is a terrible abuse of power and I want to be part of making sure it never happens to anybody again.
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