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Thread: Psych Meds: What You Need to Know

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    I think a good portion of over eating especially stuff that is bad for the body is advertisement. Another thing is that most doctors know very little about nutrition and schools don't promote healthy eating either. We already know that doctors are not really promoting good health practices they want you on meds. A fat person goes to the doctor and says they are depressed so the doctor gives them something that makes them immobile. You know it's true.

    What about the families of fat people? When I see a 5 year old child weighing more than I do and see their mother weighing 300 lbs I know that child is practically doomed to be fat and unhealthy unless they or someone who cares about them has some kind of awakening. DOctors don't seem to care they are just thinking about all the meds that kid will be on soon.

    It is not difficult to eat healthy; spend more time in the veggie section than the snack aisle at the grocery store. Oh and I guess a lot of fat people don't look at their reflection in the mirror either. I don't know how someone who is over weight could look at themselves in the mirror and not think something is out of wack and want to try and fix it. I guess their brains are just too saturated with salt and sugar to think right about themselves. Do hey just say to themselves oh I have to go to the doctor and get on more meds cause I am depressed?

    Probably because the brain is going to work to keep the chemical status quo going. It takes a mind to see the truth.
    I disagree. I think it is all about the pleasure senses of the brain getting immediate stimulation. Stuff that comes out of a package, box or delivery. There is no need for advertising. It matters not if health food network was the only channel that came across a television or if healthy choices were the only pop up on the computer screen. It is about habits and addiction. It first starts out with oh wow that was so good. I want more. To eating that stuff all the time. To getting overweight. To recognizing you are getting overweight. To knowing you are overweight and you should eat better. To knowing you are overweight but are going to eat this anyway. To I shouldn't have eaten that. To telling yourself that tomorrow you are going to eat better. To cycle repeat. No advertisement needed. No amount of education would solve the issue.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Schifference View Post
    A mentally retarded elderly person with constant anxiety would probably benefit from anti-psychotic medications.
    No one benefits but the manufacturer.

    Seriously.. Grit your teeth and hold her hand before you subject her to that garbage.. please
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