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Thread: Big sink: Troubling Fox News poll shows 2020 loss

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    None of these general election polls matter until the first general debate is over.

    As per usual, E_D is glowing TDS

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    Polls with "Registered Voters" vs ones with "Likely Voters" almost always slant Democratic. There are more registered Democrats than Republicans and not all registered voters actually vote. That's usually 3 to 5 points of the gap right there:

    In general it's still early and most of the conversation is "Trump is awful here's how it can be better" during the Democratic debates. No real airtime from Trump other than Twitter and a few interviews by left-wing media.

    Love it or hate it the poll results are not very predictive at this point. If anything they indicate re-election versus previous incumbents:

    Two years in, Trump's re-elect ratings are quite similar to predecessors who won second terms
    "The president does not have power under the Constitution to unilaterally authorize a military attack...that does not involve stopping an actual or imminent threat to the nation." "Attack Libya UPDATE 8/13: and Syria"

    "We can track down terrorists without trampling on our civil liberties.... the federal government will only issue warrants and execute searches because it needs to, not because it can." "Need to murder UPDATE 8/13: and track citizens" ~ Barack H. Obama

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    Quote Originally Posted by enhanced_deficit View Post
    Impeachment over what? 47% need a wake up reality check.

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