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Thread: Dr. Rand Paul 2A update

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warlord View Post
    On Monday, U.S. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) introduced S. Res. 204 to remove the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty (ATT) from U.S. Senate consideration and return it to President Donald Trump.

    Last month, President Trump announced his decision to revoke the U.S.’ 2013 signature on the treaty. Shortly after his announcement, President Trump sent a message to the Senate requesting it return the ATT, which the Obama administration had submitted to it in the closing weeks of the 114th Congress in 2016 for ratification.

    “As a fierce advocate for American sovereignty and the Second Amendment, I applaud President Trump for responding to concerns I and many other Americans have raised and rejecting this UN power grab. I urge the Senate to leave no doubt about where it stands on these issues by quickly passing my resolution,” said Dr. Paul.

    Throughout his time in the Senate, Dr. Paul has spoken out against the ATT, which paves the way for international law and pressure to determine U.S. policy instead of our Constitution and could usher in increased regulation to restrict Americans’ liberties.

    Dr. Paul has also previously cosponsored legislation to ensure the protection of Americans’ Second Amendment rights from the treaty.
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