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Thread: Pakistan Urges US to Refrain From Attacking Iran

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    Pakistan Urges US to Refrain From Attacking Iran

    Pakistani authorities said on Sunday that they had notified the United States that Pakistan was against any attack on Iran, as such an act would be “destructive for the regional peace.”
    A senior official in the Pakistani Foreign Ministry told The Nation outlet that “the US claims Iran is intensifying tension.”
    At the same time, according to another official, Pakistan has contacted Iran as well, urging it to restraint to ensure peace.

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    Talk is cheap, how much money they contributed to funding bundle for MAGA's election?

    Trump's top donor in 2013: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran

    American-Jewish billionaire blasts Obama over negotiations with Tehran; says US should show Iran nuclear capabilities.

    October 24, 2013

    Click here to view the original image of 979x551px.

    Unless ambitions for Nobel Peace prize motivated this call , a prospect that could hurt North Korea's leaders Nobel prize chances:

    Trump & KJU names missing on CSM's Peace Prize list, S Korea's Moon & Pakistan's Khan on the list

    A starting list for the Peace Prize

    Four world leaders stand out so far this year, showing how peace is possible and natural.

    March 5, 2019
    By the Monitor's Editorial Board

    These may be trying times for the Nobel committee. So many world leaders are standouts to win this year’s Peace Prize. In the midst of their particular crises, each one is trying different ways to prevent violence. Yet each can be held up as a model of peacemaking in process, worthy of a supportive award.

    In South Korea, President Moon Jae-in took office in 2017 and soon opened a door to a North Korea that was escalating its missile and nuclear tests. His deft diplomacy laid the groundwork for the first summit between the United States and North Korea last June. With the apparent failure of a second summit last month, he again seeks peaceful engagement. Reconciliation between the two Koreas, he says, is the “driving force” to denuclearize North Korea.
    Perhaps the biggest surprise in peaceful leadership – and most critical to the world – is Imran Khan. The former cricket star became Pakistan’s prime minister last year in a country where the military traditionally controls security policy.
    In a goodwill gesture that suddenly changed the mood, Mr. Khan returned an Indian fighter pilot shot down inside Pakistan.
    “Nobody wins in a war. Especially countries that have the sort of weapons that India and Pakistan possess should not even think of war...,” he said.

    Not sure how Christian Science Monitor came up with this startling starting list.
    Iit is stunning that any of these leaders did not make starting list :

    but this guy did make the list:

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