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Thread: Trump: India has 100% tariffs on American products

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    Affected. And that statement is ridiculous. Inflationary pressures don't stay that localized, and few people are going to check the entire list even if the government gets over its secretive nature enough to publish it.
    Zippy is too smart overall to convincingly act so obtuse as to not understand that I am describing a sleight-of-hand-narrative-selling trick.

    You would say you're tariffing everything. By my loose count, we have now heard about tariffs on China, Canada, the entire EU, India, Mexico, South Korea. That constitutes the vast majority of imports into the country. I don't know if that is the game being played but it sure looks like it could be managed devaluation as the dollar loses global reserve status. The bankers always deflect from the currency itself as the cause of anything economically negative to the average citizen.

    (eta: Based on that writing style I think we have a new Zippy. Previous Zippys would never use dashes like that. Maybe this new one just isn't very smart. It would be a shame too since I was just learning how to get Zippy to fetch info for me on command.)
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