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Thread: Escalation: Is Russia In Venezuela A New Cuban Missile Crisis?

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    Escalation: Is Russia In Venezuela A New Cuban Missile Crisis?

    Escalation: Is Russia In Venezuela A New Cuban Missile Crisis?

    A Russian military transport arrived in Venezuela this past week bringing tons of aid and also nearly 100 Russian military advisors. Reportedly this included cybersecurity experts. Moscow claimed this was pre-planned and related to a nearly 20 year old cooperation agreement with Caracas. US neocons looking for regime change are claiming it is a new Cuban Missile Crisis. Who's right? Is Venezuela about to escalate out of control?
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    So Madura accepts aid after all? Just not the kind attempting to bring him down?
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    US has troops and military equipment stationed in South Korea which btw is much close to Russia than Venezuela is close to the US. I say if Russia is Ok with the US troop so close to their borders, the US should be OK with this one too.

    Btw over at the same camp called DU, they believe this is Putin controlling Trump
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    If it is a new Cuban Missile Crisis, Trump is no JFK.

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