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Thread: Vizio Plans To Use Future Generation TVs For Targeted Ad Serving

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    Vizio Plans To Use Future Generation TVs For Targeted Ad Serving

    Why it matters: Buying a TV and knowing how much personal information it is going to share with third-parties is already difficult. It's also not a question consumers should need to ask, but companies such as Vizio are committed to collecting your TV viewing habits so that your entire household can be targeted by ads.

    Vizio has plans to work with a total of nine businesses for the purpose of serving targeted ads to households with the help of smart TVs. The group of nine companies is mainly comprised of TV networks such as NBCUniversal and CBS, both owned by Comcast, and AT&T's advertising firm Xandr.

    Unlike internet browsers, smart TVs typically do not have tracking cookies readily available to record user actions. However, a full operating system at the disposal of an OEM allows for plenty of tracking to occur at the push of a button by sending out software updates.

    In the words of Jodie McAfee, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Inscape, a Vizio subsidiary, "TV manufacturers have so far used different technology and standards to enable addressable advertising, hindering the industry's growth." Whatever growth is supposedly being hindered, end users should not in any way feel sorry that their personal information is only partially being collected instead of having their entire TV usage tracked and shared with advertisers.

    Inscape is a company to watch as they develop an open standard for TV manufacturers. Their purpose is to collect as much smart TV data as possible for advertising purposes. Vizio has committed to using the standard created by Inscape on future TV models. There is no question that future Vizio TVs will be far more invasive than existing models. No word has been given on whether older variants will be receiving software updates chalk full of tracking code.

    At present, Vizio holds a 16 percent market share for TVs in North America, trailing Samsung's 29 percent share. LG continues to gain ground as its exclusive OLED technology improves.

    Full article at link.

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    Now, there are gonna usually be two types of folks: Those who care and wont use the Smart TV functions, and those who wont. This really has very little to do with advertising, and so much to do with HUMAN CONTROL.

    People quickly change they Psychology to adapt to whatever group they belong to, and fear judgement of that group, swayed by group behavior if they think they are a part of that group, and will even abandon their own morals and principles to attack individuals in another group. When they basically have unlimited access to what ever you do, those that control your data control your future. So the statement about this being just about Advertising, as always, is utter and complete bull$#@!.

    Google is Evil because it is controlled by the Advertisers. MSM has become Evil because they also are controlled by Advertisers. Advertisers make their money by getting paid by companies, some of which are also quite evil. If you watch any news at all, you can tell who has the power. It isnt the Mom and Pop Companies that are saturating our airwaves and bandwidth. Its Big Pharma. Thus, Big Pharma tells Advertisers what to do, thus, Advertisers tell Google what to do. This is why FAANG (Facebook Apple Amazong Netflix and Google) are now all against Anti Vaxxers.

    Advertisers are Middlemen. And only one of many types of Groups. Here are a few more types of groups that really really want access to all your data: Government, Health Care, Insurance, Education, Employers, Churches, Banks, etc. The list goes on and on. Govt wants to sway your vote and find reasons to fine you. They think having access to your data will help them make you a better citizen. Insurance companies want reasons to charge you more and pay out less, who also think the same thing. Educators dont see themselves as Indoctrinators because they are blinded by their own Group Think. Employers think of having access to everything you do as a form of Human Livestock Management, and ending your Privacy just enables them with better tools. They want to maximize their returns on you while minimizing payments to you. Again, Group Think gets in the way of their awareness. Churches would just love to change you to suit the way they see the world. If it was just one church, that wouldnt be as bad as a bunch of totally different churches with contradictory rules all telling you the same repeated bull$#@!, be like us be like us. Almost all of them are unable to accept the idea that they need to accept the world for what it is instead of trying to change the world to suit their narrow view of it.

    Every single one of those Groups has their own agenda, their own ways they want to change you and tell you who and what to be. Far too often, these things that each Group wants to change you into conflicts. Im also lumping several groups into large categories, but make no mistake, they all suffer from this same Herd Insanity. Govt for exmple can be subdivided into smaller groups. Such as Police, Fire Dept, Social Services (roads and maintenance), and further sub grouping, getting down to Judges, Politicians, Enforcers, Processors, etc. A list of all of the types of sub groups would be endless, but the point being that far too often, their ideas of what to change you into conflict.

    Big Pharma looks at you like a Resource Cow just begging to be milked. They would rather see you get sick so they can use your health as an excuse to rip off your insurance company if you even have insurance, or rip you off directly by charging you for health care that does the exact opposite of what it is supposed to do. Manufacturers, another type of group, profit by making you want $#@! you dont need and cant afford. They dont care that you cant afford it. They do care that if you buy it, they work another day. Another Self Conflicting Group is Insurance, who is also at odds with Big Pharma. They do NOT have your best interests in mind, they want to take the most money they can out of you. Oddly, Insurance actually wants you to be Healthy and Safe, but are not to be trusted any more than Big Pharma in the slightest. Their access to your data enables them mental excuses and not valid reasons for denying payment to Big Pharma on your behalf. You are being bought and sold and traded like so much Cattle. It was called Human Livestock for that very reason.

    Big Pharma oversells its services. Insurance undersells its services. Govt tells you who to be. Advertisers tells you to be happy when you buy their $#@!. Every single one of these Assigned Group Identities conflicts in some way with the Identity assigned by a different group. And you will NEVER be happy because you will always be confused as to who to obey. Rarely will you catch the conflicts, but will catch them more often than those working for those Groups as it relates to them. Such as, a person in a Bank might catch on to the conflict between Big Pharma and Insurance. Sadly, there is little to nothing they can do to help you. Simply being aware that you are set up to fail due to the Group Identity Conflicts helps to resist its effects. Next big thing is to not let them tell you who you are. No, you wont be happy if you got that thing you cant afford, or get that pill, or get that procedure, or get that house, or watch that movie, or have so many people follow you online. You might only be happy when you get a chance to decide for yourself what really makes you happy.

    The only person that doesnt get a say so in how your going to live is YOU. You will ALWAYS make better decisions for your own life and future than some board room schmuck. Data collection benefits these groups, and NEVER EVER YOU. Stop giving them Free Access to every single data point. So for the Love of $#@!, DO NOT give them unlimited access to a goddamn camera in your house then listen to them, then complain about being so miserable in your life.

    $#@!. A. BUNCH. OF. SPY. TVS.
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    1776 > 1984

    The FAILURE of the United States Government to operate and maintain an
    Honest Money System , which frees the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, is the single largest contributing factor to the World's current Economic Crisis.

    The Elimination of Privacy is the Architecture of Genocide

    Belief, Money, and Violence are the three ways all people are controlled

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    Our central bank is not privately owned.

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