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Thread: Crippled Negro Alyssa Milano criticized for being trans fatty

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    Crippled Negro Alyssa Milano criticized for being trans fatty

    I might report this egregious trans to a food safety authority, but I'm unclear on today's etiquette. Do snitches still get stitches?

    Quote Originally Posted by TheCount View Post
    ...I believe that when the government is capable of doing a thing, it will.
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    which one of yall fuckers wrote the "ron paul" racist news letters
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    Zippy's posts are a great contribution.

    Disrupt, Deny, Deflate. Read the RPF trolls' playbook here (post #3):

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    Well, she does sound disabled...
    Quote Originally Posted by Ron Paul View Post
    The intellectual battle for liberty can appear to be a lonely one at times. However, the numbers are not as important as the principles that we hold. Leonard Read always taught that "it's not a numbers game, but an ideological game." That's why it's important to continue to provide a principled philosophy as to what the role of government ought to be, despite the numbers that stare us in the face.
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    This intellectually stimulating conversation is the reason I keep coming here.

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    Shes such a big stupid head.
    "Perhaps one of the most important accomplishments of my administration is minding my own business."

    Calvin Coolidge

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    She says she's "everything," then all of those identity groups attack her, and are offended, but I thought that their whole number one rule was that anyone can be anything they feel like they are?

    I’m trans. I’m a person of color. I’m an immigrant. I’m a lesbian. I’m a gay man. I’m the disabled, she tweeted. I’m everything….
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    The common thread to the paradoxes that we encounter daily is the inconsistency of progressivism itself — or rather its ad hoc adoption of any means necessary to be justified by an anointed end, which is the quest for power and control.
    - Victor Davis Hanson

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    Put all those freaks in the thunder dome. I could careless what someone does or is, but why all the drama? Constant drama! Shut up! I am sick of this circus.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RJB View Post
    Put all those freaks in the thunder dome. I could careless what someone does or is, but why all the drama? Constant drama! Shut up! I am sick of this circus.
    Its the same message repeatedly from the MSM. FEAR.

    MSM = FEAR

    Be afraid of the following:
    • War
    • Russia
    • Communism
    • Weather
    • Snow
    • Global Warming
    • Unvaccinated People
    • Cars that run on Gas
    • Being cut off from your Cell Phone
    • Not getting Welfare

    Whats important is the thing that people do need to be afraid of that MSM will NEVER mention. Such as Immigration, Collapsing Economy / Dollar, Inflation, Censorship, Constitutional Congress (replace the Constitution), and those are NEVER EVER mentioned by MSM.

    The things they promote are things that make people Controllable thru Dependency. The things we SHOULD be worried about should be TOO MUCH GOVT.
    1776 > 1984

    The FAILURE of the United States Government to operate and maintain an
    Honest Money System , which frees the ordinary man from the clutches of the money manipulators, is the single largest contributing factor to the World's current Economic Crisis.

    The Elimination of Privacy is the Architecture of Genocide

    Belief, Money, and Violence are the three ways all people are controlled

    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Our central bank is not privately owned.

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