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Thread: ANNOUNCEMENT: TWO great candidates running in NC-09 US House re-do election

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    ANNOUNCEMENT: TWO great candidates running in NC-09 US House re-do election

    Hello RPF friends,
    I'd like to officially introduce RPF to TWO great candidates that are running for the NC-09 US House seat that is undergoing a "re-do election". Each offers appeal, whether you are a Libertarian Party platform supporter or a Republican Party platform supporter. I personally know both gentlemen and can emphatically attest to their genuine status as supporters of RPF's mission. Integrity, Liberty, Privacy, Prosperity, to name a few. Both deserve your support, whether through campaign donations, word-of-mouth or direct campaign assistance. The Republican primary is May 14, so the election schedule is compressed. Not much time to make things happen...

    Republican Matthew Ridenhour

    Libertarian Jeff Scott

    Please visit their websites and PM me if you want more info or can help somehow. This is a great opportunity to support good candidates!
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    Bump for exposure/consideration.
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