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Thread: Donald Trump on Economic Recovery (1991)

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    Cool Donald Trump on Economic Recovery (1991)

    In 1991 Trump testified in front of Congress on what is wrong with the economy and I think he was and is right. This video is almost an hour log so give yourself time to sit and listen to it.

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    For those like me who don't want to watch an hour-long video, is this transcript the same thing?

    Just skimming it, I don't see anything to get excited about. It looks like Trump's main point is that he thinks the tax code should be used to incentivize specific behaviors in the market, namely special provisions that benefit developers like himself.

    Could you point out whatever parts you were saying you agreed with @Working Poor?
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    The link appears to be a correct transcript but the C-span video date stamp says 11-22-1991 and the stamp on the transscript says 11-21-1991. Basically he was talking about the tax reform law of 1986 and how it bankrupted many businesses especially people in real estate development. I remeber when this happened and personally was affected by this thru investment in real estate. At that time I never watched TV and did not know about Trump going before congress. I subscribed to 5 news papers in 3 different languages and did not recall seenig any reporting on Trump's appearance before Congress.

    As a person who has always had at least a toe in the construction industryI have seen first hand how the tax reform of 196 hurt many people especially the middle class. I feel like this tax reform was a near fatal blow to the middle class but they just didn't realize at the time what it was doing. Workers knew because they lost their jobs but even back then it was barely spoken about because it was a part of the NWO agenda. Back then I knew almost nothing about Trump except that he was rich. I did not know about how much he actually spoke out about what was going on. If I had known about it I would have probably read his book and made more of an effort to find out about what he was doing. I wish I had tried to make a deal with him maybe there is still time and I may check into doing so. I would have most likely supported his run for President.

    I voted for him to vote against Hillary. I felt more against Hillary than for Trump and that anyone would be better than her. I feel kind of bad that at first I did not like the idea of Trump for President. I am now glad to say I support him. I see he has tremendous opposition and that I owe it to myself and to this country to promote his good work.

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