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Thread: New Rules For Police

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    New Rules For Police

    Given how police tend to run amok, always dangerously and often murderously, it is clear that we the people, those to whom all cops swear an oath of fealty and faithful service, are obliged to set the conditions under which police may act, including the metes and bounds of such action, as well as the penalties they shall face in cases where they violate their oaths.

    The new rules:

    1. If a death occurs at police hands, all cops with immediate involvement are instantly put on unpaid leave for not less than one year, no exceptions. Any cop found to have been unjustifiably culpable for an on-duty death, his career is terminated as of the date of the injury event that lead to it. Beyond any criminal penalties that may be incurred, in addition the terminated cop may never again become a sworn agent for any establishment, state or federal. Furthermore, he is barred from holding any other government position, whether elected, appointed, or hired. These banishments are to stand for the remainder of the debarred-cop's life.

    2. Any act of violence in which a cop has involvement, directly or otherwise, automatically places him off duty without pay until an investigation is conducted and concludes that he acted within acceptable limits. All such investigations are to be conducted by independent third parties; police are never to be allowed to investigate themselves.

    3. Upon the occurrence of violent action, the officer in question is to be placed into an isolation cell and held without communication until the investigative body is convened and is ready to hear testimony. No lawyers are allowed to represent the officer. An isolated officer is to have no access to any material objects whatsoever, except food and water. They are debarred access to writing paraphernalia.

    4. All evidence of police action is to be presented to a grand jury. No police involvement beyond testimony is to be allowed, nor are any attorneys from any agency, public or private, to be admitted to such proceedings except as observers.

    5. Any invocation of the Fifth Amendment by an officer under such investigation results in automatic dismissal of the officer and life-long banishments. The investigative panel is restricted in its questioning to relevant queries only. Any off-topic questions shall place the questioner in peril of felony charges.

    6. Any police convicted of committing murder while on duty shall be automatically sentenced to death, sentence to be carried out within 4 hours of the failure of the final appeal. In any case where sentence is overturned, sentence shall be reduced to life in prison without possibility of parole, in general population. No exceptions.

    7. Every police department shall have in place an Oversight Board comprised of non-police members. Board members will tenure for two years with no salary and may have no connection to police, whether through family, business, or any other avenue. Upon the good conclusion of the term of service, the member will be ineligible to serve again for 5 years. Members shall serve only upon sworn oath of duty and a surety bond, to be held in trust by a trusted third party that is not a governmental agency. Members shall have full access to any and all police documents, communiqués, and all other information related to operations, occurrences, officer data, policies, and so forth.

    8. Any behavior by Board members in violation of their sworn oaths of duty shall be investigated by an external agency. In addition, a citizens' petition for such an investigation, having either at least fifty signatures or a number representing 10% or more of the community's population, whichever is smaller, shall bring such investigations to bear. There shall be no governmental power to stop or otherwise thwart or interfere with such an investigation. Any attempts to interfere with such an investigation by any government official, whether elected, appointed, employed, assigned, or otherwise demonstrated by preponderance of evidence as being an agent of said government, shall themselves face felony charges, the conviction pursuant to which shall result in not less than five years at hard labor per count.

    9. Any willful failure by a Board member to cooperate in such investigations shall result in immediate dismissal from the Board and the ineligibility to serve again for the remainder of the dismissed party's life on that Board. Barring extraordinary extenuating circumstances, such failures shall be taken as a prima facie admission of having committed a felony in violation of sworn oath, and shall result in not less than five years in prison per count.

    10. The results of investigations of bard members may result in criminal charges being brought in the case where criminal action has been established. Such charges are to be handed to a special prosecutor. Local prosecutors shall be prohibited from pursuing such matters. In the event of a special prosecutor's failure to fulfill his duty to pursue criminal charges in a proper and timely manner, his duties shall be stripped and bestowed upon another. A citizen's petition of 200 signatures or 20% of the community population, whichever is smaller, demanding the dismissal of the special prosecutor for cause, where such relates to sufficient prosecutorial vigor, shall be granted upon establishment with a new prosecutor assigned to the task. The outgoing prosecutor shall be subject to investigation by both public and private parties with full exposure for any and all torts, equity failures, and criminal liabilities attaching to the failure of duty. All relevant materials and information relating to the investigations for which the defrocked special prosecutor was liable are to be made available to all investigators, failure to do so constituting a class-A felony for which each count of conviction shall bring not less than ten (10) years at hard labor.

    11. The purpose of the oversight Board shall be to scrutinize and investigate all police operations, as well as department policy and personnel performance from chief downward. Department policy shall become effective only upon the approval of the Board. The Board shall have the authority to investigate any and all police activities including documentation such as internal reports. They shall have supervised access to all evidence relating to criminal investigations, open or closed. Any conflicts of interest between a Board member and an open police investigation shall disqualify that Board member from investigations of police conduct.

    12. The Board shall have the authority to dismiss any member of the police department for cause, pursuant to and in accord with standard guidelines. The officers in question shall have no recourse, but a citizen's petition of 100 signatures or 34% of a community's population, whichever is larger, calling for further examination of the Board's dismissal shall be granted and the decision reconsidered for possible errors in judgment, evidence, etc.

    This is how we begin to regain control over police who, at this time, have control over us. Righteous men who choose this profession should have no problem with any of this. The rest... they are most welcome to pursue employment better suited to their characters, such as pushing a broom or scraping road kill off the county byways.

    If there is any place where "zero tolerance" may be said to make the least sense, this would be it.

    As always, please accept my best wishes.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    "It’s just interesting to note how constant government oppression can kill people’s fighting spirit." - Withur We

    Pray for reset.

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    I welcome all comments and ideas. This is but a first draft which doubtlessly needs tuning in the details. The timber of intolerance, however, is not up for much discussion, save perhaps to make it even more strident.
    Through lives and lives shalt thou pay, O' king.

    "It’s just interesting to note how constant government oppression can kill people’s fighting spirit." - Withur We

    Pray for reset.

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