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Thread: Yes Senators, there is an emergency at Israel's border

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    Yes Senators, there is an emergency at Israel's border

    Did US Senate's foreign spending spree of recent days and past decades help cause this border emergency that has taken many human lives in past few weeks?
    According to FBI expert briefing, blowback from this conflct was also linked to 9/11 that led to loss of hundreds of thousands of lives and $Trillions in taxpayers dollars.

    GOP controlled US Senate’s First Bill, in Midst of Shutdown, to ensure $38B Aid to Israel

    Palestinian, 15, Said Killed by Israeli Forces in Gaza Border Clashes

    Israeli warplanes carry out intensive airstrikes on southern Gaza in response to rocket fire, explosive devices
    The Associated Press, Jack Khoury and Yaniv Kubovich
    Mar 07, 2019


    Controversial NYDailyNews cover: Trump's Nobel Peace Prize may never happen in part due to taxpayers funded Israel border violence

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    $20 trillion in debt and these pricks wont even cut the foreign welfare...
    "An idea whose time has come cannot be stopped by any army or any government" - Ron Paul.

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