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Thread: Philadelphia Bans Cashless Stores

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    Philadelphia Bans Cashless Stores

    An anonymous reader quotes a report from Ars Technica:

    This week, Philadelphia's mayor signed a bill that would ban cashless retail stores, according to The Morning Call. The move makes Philadelphia the first major city to require that brick-and-mortar retail stores accept cash. Besides Philadelphia, Massachusetts has required that retailers accept cash since 1978, according to CBS. The law takes effect July 1, and it will not apply to stores like Costco that require a membership, nor will it apply to parking garages or lots, or to hotels or rental car companies that require a credit or debit card as security for future charges, according to the Wall Street Journal. Retailers caught refusing cash can be fined up to $2,000.

    Amazon, whose new Amazon Go stores are cashless and queue-less, reportedly pushed back against the new law, asking for an exemption. According to the WSJ, Philadelphia lawmakers said that Amazon could work around the law under the exemption for stores that require a membership to shop there, but Amazon told the city that a Prime membership is not required to shop at Amazon Go stores, so its options are limited. A top official in Philadelphia's Chamber of Commerce said that the ban will prevent Philadelphia from modernizing with the rest of the country. Cashless companies argue that cash slows down transactions when change needs to be counted and creates security risks for employees locking up at the end of the night.

    Supporters of the new law argue that "not accepting cash hurts poorer residents who may not be able to afford or qualify for a credit card or who want to avoid fees that come with changing cash into a prepaid debit card," reports Ars. "Additionally, privacy advocates say that being forced to use a digital form of payment to buy things is a de facto requirement to share records of their purchases with third-party companies."
    Thats a first! Someone with half a clue!
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    Good ,

    I fired my local insurance carrier a few years ago when the adopted the 'no cash'
    payment program.

    Cash is legal tender for all debts, even if it's really just monopoly money.

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    Philly wants all those taxes in cash huh ?
    Do something Danke

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    I was at a BJ's warehouse the other day and noticed a person in the self serve that was stuffing cash into the machine. I would imagine Amazon can figure out how to accept cash.

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    Cash is so capitalist. Everything should be free when you scan your government ID and your face. Government will provide, comrade.
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