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Thread: Trump says he agrees '100%' with keeping U.S. troops in Syria

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    Trump says he agrees '100%' with keeping U.S. troops in Syria

    In December he said he wanted all US troops out in 30 days- declaring ISIS had been defeated.

    Two months after saying all U.S. troops are leaving Syria, the president wrote members of Congress that he agrees with keeping a U.S. presence in Syria.

    A bipartisan group of Senators and Representatives wrote to Trump on Feb. 22, applauding his decision to keep a small residual force in Syria.

    "We support a small American stabilizing force in Syria," the group wrote, adding that a force "which includes a small contingent of American troops and ground forces from our European allies, is essential to ensure stability and prevent the return of ISIS."

    In a copy of the letter obtained by NBC News, Trump highlighted a paragraph in the letter about the U.S. goals in Syria, which said, "Like you, we seek to ensure that all of the gains made in Syria are not lost, that ISIS never returns, that Iran is not emboldened, and that we consolidate our gains and ensure the best outcome in Geneva for American interests."

    I agree 100%. ALL is being done," President Trump responded, writing directly on the letter and signing it.

    Since before he took office, Trump has promised to end the fight against the Islamic State, criticizing the cost to the U.S. in both blood and treasure. In a video message on Twitter posted Dec. 19, 2018, the president said: "Our boys, our young women, our men, they're all coming back and they're coming back now. We won."

    The Syrian Democratic Forces continue to battle ISIS in the small area of land they still control in the Middle Euphrates River Valley in Syria. U.S. military officials say the battle to re-take the final part of the town of Baghuz still held by ISIS has been slowed by the exodus of thousands of civilians and the terror group's use of some women and children as human shields.

    Late last month, White House press secretary Sarah Sanders confirmed that some U.S. troops will stay in Syria after the Syrian Democratic Forces finish clearing out Baghuz.

    "A small peace keeping group of about 200 will remain in Syria for period of time," Sanders said in a one-sentence statement. U.S. military officials have since confirmed the residual force could be double that and that some U.S. troops could stay in the northeastern part of the country, and others in southern Syria.

    Donald Trump: 'What you're seeing and what you're reading is not what's happening'

    "Truth isn't truth"- Rudy Giuliani

    "China has total respect for Donald Trump and for Donald Trump's very, very large brain," - Donald Trump.

    "Yeah, I have to say these guys(trolls) are pretty sharp. Sort of good to get a challenge and sharpen your thoughts." NorthCarolinaLiberty

    I am Zippy and I approve of this post. But you don't have to.

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    Backtracking his own promises to his own Mega Supporters will backfire.

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    So ~5000 to 400 to eventually zero when the Assad government regains full control and stability and kicks out all foreign troops. This is progress.
    I just want objectivity on this forum and will point out flawed sources or points of view at my leisure.

    Quote Originally Posted by spudea on 04/20/16
    There won't be a contested convention
    Quote Originally Posted by spudea on 05/30/17
    The shooting of Gabrielle Gifford was blamed on putting a crosshair on a political map. I wonder what event we'll see justified with pictures like this.

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    that Iran is not emboldened
    Iran unlike can do whatever it likes in Syria as its near ally unlike America where we know what interests Syria is for America and that's the OIL. America doesn't understand how close Syria and Iran are together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post

    In December he said he wanted all US troops out in 30 days- declaring ISIS had been defeated.
    After that, Rand prematurely said this

    I have never been prouder of President Donald Trump. In todayís meeting, he stood up for a strong America and steadfastly opposed foreign wars. Putting America First means declaring victory in Afghanistan and Syria. President Trump is delivering on his promises.
    Never been more disappointed in Rand when I heard he made that post.
    You can maintain power over people, as long as you give them something. Rob a man of everything, and that man will no longer be in your power. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

    Quote Originally Posted by LibertyEagle View Post
    Trust principles; not people.
    My Che avatar is my unique way of giving a big middle finger to the, the neocons, the globalists, imperialists and most importantly to the left and right political establishment who hate his guts till this day. My admiration for him ends where his anti imperialist pro communism ideology starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by spudea View Post
    So ~5000 to 400 to eventually zero when the Assad government regains full control and stability and kicks out all foreign troops. This is progress.
    Yes, and the headline is a lie, he said he agreed with the goals, he didn't say he agreed with keeping troops there.

    He has to play politics to keep the RINOs from jumping on the impeachment bandwagon but the troops are coming home, I predict there will be much more progress before the 2020 election.
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    Alexis de Torqueville

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    Those who learn from the past are condemned to watch everybody else repeat it

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zippyjuan View Post
    Trump says he agrees '100%' with keeping U.S. troops in Syria

    In December he said he wanted all US troops out in 30 days- declaring ISIS had been defeated.

    Granted he did promise immediate Syria withdrawl recently, perhaps folks should be bit more understanding when a course correction or even flip flop happens occasionally. Earlier some zealous hard right conservatives quickly jumped to conclusions and started calling 'America First' movement leader a 'fraud', 'scam', 'puppet' etc on first signs of some policy adjustments relative to pre-election promises.

    Not a big fan of all of his foreign policies but do purists & isolationists have any idea what kind of pressures (from donors, foreign lobbies, special interest groups etc) a POTUS has to face when making final decisions on important wars/global interventions/foreign spending issues that have far reaching implications for our closest allies and our domestic businesses & national interests?
    Sometimes political chess board is too complex for average voter to grasp the whole situation by just taking a two dimensional look at promises vs delivered policies metric.

    From another discussion for detailed context on US Iran/Syria policy:

    Wesley Clark on Trump’s Syria withdrawal: ‘Did Erdogan blackmail the president?'

    Considering MAGA's fealess personality, Scaramucci's assessment seems more credible than Gen Clark's:
    Loyal Trump supporter Scaramucci says Trump is "not blackmailable"

    Also, despite Gen Clark's comments, any nefarious foreign lobbies/groups are very unlikely to use any tactics to initimidate or pressure MAGA using such tactics as may have been used to pressure other politicians with aim to influence US foreign policy in the past.

    Publisher of the ‘Atlanta Jewish Times’ suggests Mossad should assassinate Obama over US Iran policy
    Adam Horowitz on January 20, 2012

    John Cook reports at Gawker:
    Andrew Adler, the owner and publisher of the Atlanta Jewish Times, a weekly newspaper serving Atlanta’s Jewish community, devoted his January 13, 2012 column to the thorny problem of the U.S. and Israel’s diverging views on the threat posed by Iran. Basically Israel has three options, he wrote: Strike Hezbollah and Hamas, strike Iran, or “order a hit” on Barack Obama. Either way, problem solved!
    Here’s how Adler laid out “option three” in his list of scenarios facing Israeli president Benjamin Netanyahu (the column, which was forwarded to us by a tipster, isn’t online, but you can read a copy here):

    Three, give the go-ahead for U.S.-based Mossad agents to take out a president deemed unfriendly to Israel in order for the current vice president to take his place, and forcefully dictate that the United States’ policy includes its helping the Jewish state obliterate its enemies.
    Yes, you read “three” correctly. Order a hit on a president in order to preserve Israel’s existence. Think about it. If I have thought of this Tom Clancy-type scenario, don’t you think that this almost unfathomable idea has been discussed in Israel’s most inner circles?
    Another way of putting “three” in perspective goes something like this: How far would you go to save a nation comprised of seven million lives…Jews, Christians and Arabs alike?
    You have got to believe, like I do, that all options are on the table.

    Trump's top donor in 2013: US should drop atomic bomb on Iran

    American-Jewish billionaire blasts Obama over negotiations with Tehran; says US should show Iran nuclear capabilities.

    October 24, 2013

    Contradicting Trump, Bolton says no withdrawal from Syria until ISIS destroyed, Kurds’ safety guaranteed
    January 6


    Israel buys most oil smuggled from ISIS territory - report

    Claim: ISIS's Rise Choreographed in Israel

    Israel ‘Concerned’ US War On ISIS Will Temper Hostility Toward Iran

    By Jason Ditz
    September 12, 2014

    The Israeli cabinet position of “strategy affairs minister” is primarily meant to focus around planning for a war with Iran. It’s a full time job, and it mostly involves pushing the US to threaten Iran more often.

    Yuval Steinitz

    The current minister, Yuval Steinitz, is at the forefront of Israeli officials expressing “concern” tonight at the new US war on ISIS, which they see as potentially getting in the way of long-term US hostility toward Iran.

    Steinitz shrugged off ISIS as a “five-year problem,” while declaring Iran a “50-year problem with far greater impact,” and that more moves to stop Iran’s nuclear program ought to come before the new war.
    The White House has sought to assure Israel that the new war won’t make them any less unreasonable in their negotiations with Iran, which Israel didn’t want to take place to begin with, but they can take some solace in the fact that the US seems unwilling to make a final deal with Iran.

    Other Israeli officials expressed further concern that the US and Iran are on the same side in the ISIS war, with Iran already deploying troops to help Iraq before the US arrived. The “concern” seems to center on the belief that Iran would benefit from ISIS’ defeat, the same reason Israel has long looked the other way on ISIS and al-Qaeda in Syria.

    Israel's plan was to bomb Western targets, make it seem as though Egypt was behind the attacks
    Nov. 11, 2009
    The Lavon affair - also known locally as esek habish, "the rotten business" - was a plan to discredit Egypt's government, then headed by Gamal Abdel Nasser, by bombing theaters, post offices and U.S. and British institutions, and making it seem as though Egypt was behind the bombings. The thinking in Israel at the time was that if the British were to give up control of the Suez Canal, it would be left in Egypt's hands, putting Cairo in a better position to exert pressure on Israel.
    The agents were told "to undermine the West's trust in the [Egyptian] government by causing public insecurity" while concealing Israel's role in the sabotage.

    ISIS and Israel to attack Hezbullah in Lebanon

    No need to panic ; Former CIA deputy station chief discusses ISIS with Iraqi Sunni leaders

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    Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK) remnants in Syria must be crushed

    The troops must remain until Ayatollah Giuliani's MEK terrorists in Syria are completely crushed.

    Mujahideen-e Khalq (MEK)
    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    You only show up to attack Trump when he is wrong
    DACA S**thole Dreamers - Make America Great Again?

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