From President Nixon's 1971 declaration that launched the "war on drugs" to 2019 - 48 years later - an estimated trillion dollars has been spent, millions of jail years have been doled out, and countless lives have been ruined. The drug war is responsible for the continuing erosion of civil liberties at home. It has a profound effect on our foreign policy and is used in places like Venezuela to promote US regime change and interventionism. The war on drugs has has helped government at all levels to grow into an ever more violent and threatening leviathan.

But after all these wasted years, there is actually a good news story to tell. First, we are winning the war on the war on marijuana. The war on marijuana is being rolled back at the state and local government level. Twenty percent of US states have legalized recreational marijuana and 66 percent have legalized medical marijuana. In states where marijuana laws have been liberalized, the federal government is backing off of law enforcement.

In fact the prospects are good that marijuana prohibition will end entirely. How might this happen? What are the next steps in this process?

Join the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity for a very special conference on winning the war on the war on drugs. The half-day event will feature a keynote speech from Ron Paul and speeches from Ron Paul Institute senior fellow Adam Dick and executive director Daniel McAdams.

In addition we are excited to welcome Reason Foundation Senior Editor Jacob Sullum, a syndicated columnist and author of "Saying Yes: In Defense of Drug Use" as a featured speaker at the conference. Also we are happy to announce Paul Armentano, Deputy Director of the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, to take us through the final steps of ending marijuana prohibition.

So what is next? There is plenty left of the drug war. What does the future hold? Can we end of the rest of the drug war as well? What are prospects? How should it be done? What are the best approaches?

Join the Ron Paul Institute and special guests on May 18th in Houston, TX, for a great line-up and a fresh approach to one of the most difficult problems of our time. Can we win the war on the war on drugs? We are winning! Join us in May!

Your admission includes breakfast, as well as coffee and tea and soft drinks.

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