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Thread: Bill Cooper

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    Bill Cooper

    I may have heard the name at some point it time ,
    Knew nothing about him till this week.
    Blown away , this clip is from 1992.

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    ''If Ross Pero Runs , Bill Clinton will be our next president'' Bill Cooper - 1992

    @ 7:35

    The lady that called in to the show says; ''I'm not buying that...''

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    William Cooper on June 28, 2001 (2 ˝ months before 9/11) announced on his radio show that some major event would happen soon and “Whatever is gonna happen that they are gonna blame on Osama Bin Laden, don’t you even believe it

    Here is a transcript where William Cooper talks about what is (really) happening - broadcast live on 11 September 2001 (Cooper figured out that it’s impossible for skycrapers to come tumbling down after a plane crashed into them):

    Less than 2 months after 9/11 he was killed by the police…
    Cooper was killed on 5 November 2001: for tax fraud and resisting arrest. An important fact is often overlooked in his death and that is that he had only one leg. I guess that shooting a police officer twice in the head while running would be twice more difficult than with both legs intact.

    In the following video, William Cooper talks a bit on taxes, the Gore-Bush elections (this most have been in 2001, before 9/11)...

    William Cooper has been made out for a nutcase because for years he tried to warn us for an alien invasion and UFOs. In 1997 he found out that the alien invasion was nothing but a false flag that would be used to take away our constitutional rights and start the war on terror (and appologised for not realising sooner):
    When I saw Operation Majority while serving in the Navy I believed the alien threat was real just like everyone else. It was not until I had performed many years of research that I was able to fully understand exactly what it was that I had seen. It was extremely difficult for me to believe that my government and the United States Navy had used me, especially since I had dedicated my life to government and military service. Most government and military personnel cannot and will not believe such and idea. The plan is real. The extraterrestrial threat is artificial.
    The following on Majesty12, Operation Majority could be the most interesting information coming form Cooper:
    (archived here:
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    Interesting video featuring Bill Cooper, with some additional info on 9/11.

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    The entire Hour of the Time series is well worth the time invested to listen. Link below of playlist, though a couple are missing and should be searched out on YT to obtain the full series if missing. He had a lot more content than just this but it's a good start.
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