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Thread: Weiner half-way out

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    Exclamation Weiner half-way out

    ... But Not a Free Man Yet

    2/17/2019 1:00 AM PST

    Anthony Weiner Out of Prison Early, Enters Pre-Release Program

    Anthony Weiner is no longer behind bars, but the disgraced ex-U.S. Congressman still has a few months in federal custody before he's freed ... still earlier than originally expected.

    Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Weiner's been transferred out of a Massachusetts prison and into the custody of a Bureau of Prisons residential re-entry center in New York. We're told he's either in a halfway house or home confinement.

    Weiner's now in pre-release status, which inmates often get as they approach the end of their federal sentence. The purpose is to prepare them to transition back into society.

    As we reported ... Weiner started serving his 21-month prison sentence in November 2017 after pleading guilty to sexting with a 15-year-old girl in North Carolina. He was slated to get out August, 2019, but good behavior slashed the sentence 3 months to May 14.

    We're told that is still his scheduled release date.

    Weiner served his time at the Federal Medical Center in Devens, Massachusetts where they offer treatment for sex offenders. As you know ... Weiner has a long, scandalous history.

    Weiner resigned from Congress after his first sexting scandal in 2011. He ran for NYC mayor but that bid was derailed in 2013 when he was found sexting Sydney Leathers under the infamous alias, "Carlos Danger."

    The convicted sex offender saw his marriage fall apart the third time around. Huma Abedin filed for divorce just hours after Weiner struck a plea deal in the latest sexting scandal. Making matters worse ... Huma was a top aide to then-Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton when federal investigators found hundreds of thousands of Clinton's emails in Weiner's laptop ... forever changing the course of the 2016 Presidential election.

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    I feel much safer with Carlos Weiner in jail. Not to save us from his dangerous texting, but to keep him from running for political office.
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    Its still funny to me how a guy with the last name of Weiner sent dick pics to girls.
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    premature Weiner release - let the meme generation begin
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    Weiner half-way out

    Oh come on!

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    How long until he is added to the Klinton body count?
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    I heard his lawyers, in making their case for sentencing, argued that the amount of months he served in jail should be consistent with his character, i.e. under 18.

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