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Thread: Russian fraudster skips town and the sentencing hearing.

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    Lightbulb Russian fraudster skips town and the sentencing hearing.

    The authorities are flabbergasted. It is believed that Krechet is currently in Russia.

    Aliases: Nikolay Krechey, Nickolay A. Krechet, Nikolay A. Krechey, Nikolay Alma Krechey, Nikolay Krechet, "Kolya"
    Date(s) of Birth Used: November 1, 1970 Place of Birth: Russia
    Hair: Brown Eyes: Gray
    Height: 5'8" Weight: 230 pounds
    Sex: Male Race: White
    Nationality: Russian NCIC: W895518935
    It is believed that Krechet is currently in Russia.
    Nikolay Almazov Krechet is wanted for his participation in a fraud scheme. From at least 2014 to August of 2015, Krechet was the leader of
    an organization that engaged in gift card fraud and stolen merchandise. Krechet and his crew would buy electronic merchandise and prepaid
    gift cards that had all been purchased with stolen credit card information. Krechet and his crew would then either re-sell the items, or would
    use the gift cards to purchase electronic merchandise to then resell. Krechet purchased and sold millions of dollars of fraudulent and/or stolen
    merchandise and gift cards.
    After Krechet was arrested in Brooklyn, New York, on charges of wire fraud, he was convicted on May 4, 2018, of one count of conspiracy to
    buy, sell, or possess stolen property and two counts of buying, selling, or receiving stolen property. On December 10, 2018, one day before
    he was scheduled to be sentenced on his convictions, Krechet sent an e-mail to the US Attorney's Office advising that he had left the country
    to avoid jail. It is believed that Krechet most likely fled the United States on a flight from Logan International Airport in Boston,
    Massachusetts, to Lisbon, Portugal, and then on to Moscow, Russia. Krechet was not located at his home in West Hartford, Connecticut, and
    did not appear for his sentencing.
    On December 10, 2018, a federal arrest warrant was issued for Krechet in the United States District Court for the District of New Jersey after
    he was charged with Violating the Conditions of Pre-Trial Release and Probation (Wire Fraud; Conspiracy to Buy, Sell, or Possess Stolen
    Property; Buying, Selling, or Receiving Stolen Property).

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    Another Mueller.witch hunt.

    Quote Originally Posted by Swordsmyth View Post
    You only show up to attack Trump when he is wrong
    DACA S**thole Dreamers - Make America Great Again?

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    Hi! I am Nikolay Krechet.
    I committed no crime. My case is one of the government outreach and disregard for liberty and human rights.
    The FBI established a storefront were they sold some merchandise and gift cards. This store was a retail location in Brooklyn. The prices were good but nothing much lower than wholesale to raise any alarm.
    I bought electronics and gift cards from this place for more than a year. I filed taxes (about 300K for 2014-15).
    Then I was arrested by an FBI team of about 20 armed agents (almost like Roger Stone).
    I spent 2 years in pretrial detention and then lost a trial on May 4, 2017. There were 2 cooperating witnesses from FBI which lied about me in exchange for lower sentence.
    Also probably the very fact that I was Russian was a factor in the guilty verdict.
    After the trial me and my government paid attornee thought that I was looking at no more than another 1-3 years in prison considering that I already spent 2 and statutory maximum for 2315 - receiving stolen property is 5 years. However prosecutors found a loophole in the Sentencing Guidelines and asked for 16 to 19 years and PSR agreed with that!
    I am 49 years old guy with 3 kids and all my money and business taken by the US Government. I decided that I need to flee and to work for my family.
    Before my ordeal I respected US law enforcement and the FBI. Now I see that they are no better than their Russian counterparts and actually they are more dangerous because they are able to hand out much longer sentences than the Russian ones. Also the problem is that many Americans still think highly of the FBI and the like. Russians do not like police. Period.

    I published a book on Amazon "Krechet against FBI..." with full transcripts of my trial. If you are interested I also can send free ebook to any email.

    With Respect , Nikolay Krechet.

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    This is what gets you on the TOP10 for the FBI:

    Friday, April 15, 2016
    Two New York Men Arraigned On Wire Fraud Charges For Credit And Gift Card Fraud Scheme

    Friday, May 4, 2018
    Connecticut Man Found Guilty On Wire Fraud Charges For Credit And Gift Card Fraud Scheme

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    Thank you for your reply.

    Yes. Obviously I read those internet postings.
    First of all they are even factually wrong. I was charged only with receiving stolen property not with WIRE FRAUD.
    Secondly FBI recorded my conversations with their agent for many months. Not even ones there was any kind of talk about any illegal activity.
    Thirdly I bought merchandise and gift cards at the actual wholesale prices at the time , the same prices which Amazon , and many others buy. And actually those prices were much higher than pawn shops paid.
    I bought those items from a legitimate business with storefront etc (little I knew that FBI ran it). I kept business records. My sales in turn were not cash sales.
    Also I was not very young person with absolutely no criminal record.
    Furthemore many other people bought from the same FBI shop. They chose only me (the other guy charged James Olla actually sold merchandise to FBI which they subsequently sold to me and other people).

    I was convicted only based on a testimony by a guy who ran this FBI shop (Edgar Reyn). He said that sometime one year before my arrest he had a conversation with me in his car in some courtyard and during this conversation I said to him that I knew that merchandise he sold to me was actually stolen. CONVENIENTLY HE DID NOT RECORD THIS CONVERSATION UNLIKE 100S OTHER CONVERSATIONS!!!.
    My attorney and other people who followed this trial told me that they only reason for guilty verdict was my Russian nationality. Also my attorney said that if FBI was able to find me guilty it meant that they could charge any innocent person and still win.

    Some other points just to show FBI modus operandi which came up during trial:

    1. FBI bought about 40K of merchandise at the full price in Apple Store. Then they sold this merchandise to one New York based business at half a price. Then they tried to get the business owner to plead guilty based on low price he bought the merchandise for. This trick failed at the expense of American taxpayer.
    2. Edgar Reyn who ran FBI shop sold more than 10 million dollars of merchandise and gift cards which FBI claimed were originally stolen. He was the biggest seller of gift cards in New York at the time. If one believes that the merchandise was actually stolen it means that the FBI helped criminals to steal!!!
    3. When asked why they did not arrest me after for example first 50-100K transactions instead of waiting until it would be over a million they said that in that case they could not put me in jail for long enough!
    4. When asked why they did not try to make me admit my knowledge of the stolen nature of that merchandise on the tape they told the jury that they were afraid I would be alarmed and stop doing business with their agents.
    5. They lied to a judge in the original Arrest affidavit that there was no legitimate wholesale market for discounted gift cards even though anyone who bought discounted gift cards from ebay , , etc. know the opposite.

    This facts and much more are in my book:

    I can send this ebook for free to any email address provided.

    Thank you ,

    Nikolay Krechet

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