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Thread: NH allows guns in schools, bill aims to change this

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    NH allows guns in schools, bill aims to change this

    New Hampshire has no law forbidding non-pupils from carrying firearms on school grounds. Perhaps in part because of this, there has not yet been a major school shooting in New Hampshire. I can't even name a minor one.

    A new bill aims to change the legal framework somewhat, though I'm not sure it would create a situation where guns could become outright illegal on school grounds. As the summary from Legislative Services puts it:

    "This bill allows a school district, school administrative unit, or chartered public school to adopt and enforce a policy regulating firearms, firearms components, ammunition, firearms supplies, or knives within its jurisdiction."

    Bill text:

    One worrisome question would be this: Just how big *is* a school district's "juristiction?" Could schools create a situation where they are forbidding guns in a wider area than expected? And what exactly would "enforce' mean?

    Between now and roughly late Feb. 2019, if you live here you can take action to oppose this bill which would endanger children, details on some of your options are below.

    According to the link above, the public hearing is slated for 02/13/2019 09:00 am
    After that it is still possible to weigh in before the vote occurs (probably around late Feb.) This link lets you email the committee members:
    Want freedom? Move to NH:
    Want secession? Same drill:

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    Right, outlaw crime, then create 30 new laws to make sure that crime is a crime.
    But never enforce existing laws.
    Refuse the right of self preservation.

    Liberals claim to be great champions of women's rights, yet would rather
    her raped and beaten to death than be allowed to protect herself.

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