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Thread: Target App Lured Customers With Lower Prices, Which Mysteriously Increased As Users Approached

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    Target App Lured Customers With Lower Prices, Which Mysteriously Increased As Users Approached

    Target updated its smartphone app last Wednesday after a two-month investigation by Minneapolis TV station KARE-TV discovered the retail giant was advertising certain items for one price outside of stores, only to hike the price when a person entered a Target - in one case, by as much as nearly $150.

    The station dubbed it the "parking lot price switch."

    For instance, Targetís app price for a particular Samsung 55-inch Smart TV was $499.99, but when we pulled into the parking lot of the Minnetonka store that price suddenly increased to $599.99 on the app.

    To test this further, we selected 10 products on the Target app at random, ranging from toys to bottled water to vacuum cleaners. We found that when we entered the store, four of the 10 products jumped up in price on the app.

    An Apple Watch band went up $2, a Shark vacuum went up $40, a Graco child car seat jumped $72 and a Dyson vacuum shot up $148 on the app while inside the store.

    Our list of 10 items was a total of $262 cheaper in the back of the parking lot on the app with no indication that the prices had changed. -KARE-TV

    Full article at link.
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    Disgusting, but then I haven't been in the store since they started the Bathroom 'freakshow' .
    I boycott, Target, if Israel owns stock in them, I'm probably going to jail.

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    Ya , I do not shop there . Ever .
    Do something Danke

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    Last time I went to a Target they did not have Ammo or charcoal . Useless .
    Do something Danke

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