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Thread: Trump Skips Deadline to Report to Congress on Khashoggi Murder

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    Trump Skips Deadline to Report to Congress on Khashoggi Murder

    Trump mum as Magnitsky Act deadline comes and goes

    Jason Ditz Posted on February 8, 2019Categories NewsTags Magnitsky Act, Saudi Arabia, Trump

    Friday was the deadline under the Magnitsky Act for President Trump to submit a formal report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi. Khashoggi was murdered in October by the Saudi government, and senators submitted the Magnitsky request on October 10.

    The act gives the president 120 days to respond to Congress on the matter, requires determinations on involvement and sanctions on those responsible. President Trump has chosen to ignore the deadline, however, and never submitted a report at all.

    The administration confirmed the deadline existed and was deliberately ignored, saying Trump believes he has “discretion to decline to act.” The Senate saw this coming, which is why earlier in the week they already moved on to introduce legislation to hold Saudis accountable over the murder.

    US intelligence agencies have concluded that the Saudi Crown Prince almost certainly ordered the murder. This is the consensus amongst pretty much everybody except President Trump, who has insisted that assigning such blame would risk US arms sales to Saudi Arabia.
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    There has been increasing chatter of recent Enquirer blackmail / Bezos selfie scandal being linked to Saudi money & Khashougi killing. Bezos ( owner of Wapo, paper that Khashougi wrote for) apparently had been investigating Saudi-Enquirer connection.
    A US Congressman had alleged that Trump's son in law was also involved making some very shocking claims.

    Congressman accuses Kushner of orchestrating killing of Khashoggi

    Enquirer Insider: 'Shoe To Drop' on Saudi money, AMI, Trump
    In the 2016 campaign, the “National Enquirer” ran damaging headlines about Hillary Clinton and GOP opponents of Donald Trump. Chief Executive of the National Enquirer’s Publisher, David Pecker, is now cooperating with Federal Prosecutors. A former Editor at the National Enquirer, Jerry George, tells Ari Melber that Pecker “certainly” knew incriminating things about Trump that have not been published and says stories about Trump that the Enquirer did not publish are “certainly embarrassing” and those involving “the actions of his children” including Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, get close to “criminal activity”. Dec. 17, 2018

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