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Thread: Keynesian Green New Deal Psychosis

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    Keynesian Green New Deal Psychosis

    Listen to this economist monster (click for thread).

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    A few more dead boomers, a few more ivy league socialists, and a 35 year-old Cortez should be enough to turn us into Soviet Amerika.

    Taleb is right...the central planners of today dwarf Keynes in their idiocy.

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    What does Krugman make of it kona?

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    The fact that the "Green New Deal" hasn't been roundly laughed out of the national discussion and Ocasio-Cortez and her $#@!ing crack-head adviser Whoeverthefck from Cornell haven't been dragged to the bottom of the Capitol steps, stocked, pilloried, and pelted with rotten tomatoes is truly the clearest indication I've seen yet that this "country" is inescapably headed for financial ruin, widespread social unrest, then martial law, civil war and eventual disintegration into gawd-knows-what.

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