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Thread: Discarded Smart Lightbulbs Reveal Your Wifi Passwords, Stored In The Clear

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    Discarded Smart Lightbulbs Reveal Your Wifi Passwords, Stored In The Clear

    Your internet-of-$#@! smart lightbulb is probably storing your wifi password in the clear, ready to be recovered by wily dumpster-divers; Limited Results discovered the security worst-practice during a teardown of a Lifx bulb; and that's just for starters: the bulbs also store their RSA private key and root passwords in the clear and have no security measures to prevent malicious reflashings of their ROMs with exploits, network probes and other nasties. (Thanks, John!)
    So basically for those that actually know how to get into and configure their routers and set a password, its pretty much useless if every device uses the SAME PASSWORD. Some routers do have a Guest and a Home Network password. If it gets any more complex, even fairly experienced computer users will need to have On Site Security Teams to maintain their Internet Of $#@!.
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    Discarded Smart STUPID Lightbulbs Reveal Your Wifi Passwords, Stored In The Clear

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    We really need to change the word "smart" to the word "surveillance" for every single "smart" product.
    Surveillance phone.
    Surveillance refrigerator.
    Surveillance lightbulb.
    Surveillance toilet paper.
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