Not yet confirmed this report about respected Iraqi freedom hawk as non-fakewnews, so should be read with grains of salt:

Former US senator Joe Lieberman’s work for China’s ZTE makes him a foreign agent, complaint says

  • Joe Lieberman’s firm says it doesn’t advocate on behalf of ZTE, while claiming an exemption that means lobbyists do not have to register as foreign agents
  • The Campaign Legal Centre, which filed a complaint about Lieberman’s ZTE work, says he ‘can’t have it both ways’

PUBLISHED : Wednesday, 09 January, 2019, 5:12am

Former US senator Joe Lieberman should register as a foreign agent for his work on behalf of Chinese telecommunications company ZTE, according to a complaint filed on Tuesday with the Justice Department by the Campaign Legal Centre.

Lieberman filed as a lobbyist last month for ZTE, which is facing scrutiny over alleged national security threats its products pose to the US. Under federal law, lobbyists for foreign commercial clients are exempted from the Foreign Agents Registration Act, or FARA.

Lieberman is conducting a study of what concerns members of Congress, the executive branch and US businesses have about national security risks that ZTE’s products may pose, according to a disclosure form filed by the firm.

Lieberman, who was the Democratic Party’s vice-presidential nominee in 2000, is a senior counsel with Kasowitz Benson Torres, the law firm of Trump’s long-time personal lawyer.