Hello you were probably misdiagnosed ,Keep a close watch on your blood sugar readings.These so called doctors i have seen i would not pay in tap washers.

I got an insight of my treatment after retiring at 65 in 2010.They could not care less i have found .I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes ,about 6 years of not telling me despite having blood tests every 6 months,I last saw a doctor 3 years ago She told me i was diabetic she insisted i took statins when i refused she got nasty .i had read that statins could cause the onset of type 2 diabetes by 70% .I told her i would sort it out myself.i went on an 24 alternate fasting diet .i lost over 3 st in about 4 months i reduced my blood sugar fasting readings from between 10.8 mml and 16+mml to between 3.8mml and 5.8 mml .i have now been diabetic free for 12 months.all the complications which were coming in thick and fast have cleared up .I can now eat what i like without any adverse effects.i feel like a new man .i am 73 years old.i now might make to 75 and get a free tv license .If i;d have taken the so called doctors treatment .I would probably be dead now.All the diabetics i have known in past are unfortunately dead.