President Trump signed the USMCA agreement. This NAFTA replacement contains language such as Government Tribunals, Sustainable Development and International Labour Organization, which is a United Nations Agency.

The media on both sides are not reporting any of this.

During this, a “crisis” suddenly emerged, blaming immigrants for changing election outcomes, taking over our way of life, collecting various forms of welfare and the cause of many if not all of the crimes in America.

I do not know any poor, down and out immigrant who would travel thousands of miles just to change “our way of life”. As poor as they are, looking for work, I doubt they know anything about the internal workings of our government.

Yes, there are immigrants that do cause crime, we have laws to address that. Give them their day in court and prosecute if found guilty. If innocent, let them work the jobs Americans don’t want and leave them alone. But don’t take Rights away from Americans out of spite.

Would YOU travel 2,000 miles to an unknown country and think that you could topple that country’s government? It just doesn’t work that way.

Undocumented immigrants are not eligible for welfare. They also cannot vote. They certainly do not sign legislation at the Local, State and Federal levels. If they do ANY of those things, it is Americans who are breaking the law by allowing it to happen, and they should be the ones who are prosecuted.

Keep your eye on the ball:

Trump signed a bump stock ban. He publicly announced raising the age to 21 to buy a gun. Now state legislators are attempting to restrict guns across this country.

Trump is a real estate magnate who has used our government for decades in areas such as Eminent Domain, not only in our country, but in other countries as well. Also remember that Obama was responsible for the largest land grab of any president in history, giving control to the FED.

What better way to disarm people AND take private property rights away from the American people? Blow a situation out of proportion, call it a “crisis” and let news media take it from there.

3 MILLION people and businesses are along that border. Once the Fed takes control, Guns will be restricted, and Property Rights will not exist. This fits perfectly with the United Nations agenda which Trump just signed, waiting to be ratified.

Keep in mind that those 3 Million people and businesses contribute to a $1 Billion Per Day Economy. Farming, golf courses, resorts and tourism, shopping centers, churches and communities, this goes on for over 2,000 miles.

The real issue that everybody is completely ignoring is the USMCA. It is in fact the CRIMINALS at the WHITE HOUSE who are changing our way of life, not immigrants who are seeking a better life than where they came from. Hitler disarmed the people over “threat of the Jews”. We are now doing just that claiming immigrants are responsible for us abandoning our rights and way of life.

It is not open borders that will transform our America; it will be Americans who transform America by willingly giving up each and every RIGHT.

Good Cop Bad Cop:

If you want to “preserve” our American way of life, I urge you to fully support ALL of our Rights, including the 2nd Amendment AND Property Rights. Because without the 2nd AND Property Rights, which is essential to freedom and liberty, you are nothing but a 100% owned slave. That is exactly how the Criminals at the White House and United Nations want to “transform” America.

International Labour Organization


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